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Can you contribute Ubuntu Accomplishments documentation in your language and provide translations? Find out more at - thanks in advance if you can help!
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I have problems saving my translations. I started translating to German. As far as I understand I have to go the last page and click on save and continue on the bottom (it does not appear on other pages), however, when I do that nothing is saved and it still says that nothing is translated and I don't see my translations.
It's because Canadian English and Australian English are no more a real language than American English.
+Alexander Neumann are you logged into Launchpad? Also, if you don't see the Save button, you might need to scroll the page to the right at the bottom to see it. Let me know if you have any further issues.
Aaaaah, yeah, I didn't scroll sideways, now I see the save button.
Thanks +Alexander Neumann ! I can see your contributions will be awesome to have a thorough German translation. Let me know if there is anything else I can help with. :-)
I'm interested in contributing to open source and I think I'll start with this...
I can help translate to Arabic, after my midterm exams :)
Jono I am thinking of working on our native language Filipino/Tagalog... if it's possible
Just wrote 1 page worth of translations to Romanian and wanted to see if they got saved so I went to the main translation page, went back to Romanian and it was empty :-O starting from scratch tomorrow.
I couldn't find a save button so I assumed that when I hit next the previous page gets saved. I assumed wrong :)
The problem is that the Save button is in a really bad place, you have to scroll sideways on the bottom to find it. As you can see from my comments I had the same issue but I only wrote a few lines to test :)
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