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Rejected new portal submission appeal

Name: S28 Erskine Knoll
Location: S33° 51.990' E150° 34.662

This is a trig station ("Survey Marker Number 28", on Erskine Knoll) originally built to facilitate surveys during the construction of the Warragamba Dam, which is the primary water supply for the greater Sydney region. Construction ran during 1948 to 1960. After the dam was finished, the Burragorang Valley was flooded, and the catchment area for the main rivers feeding the dam were declared wilderness areas, off limits to all except walkers.

Although the trig station itself is not especially aesthetic, the journey to it (which can only be done on foot) is an excellent bushwalk.


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Looks like it's now 251 days since we last had an enlightened visitor to,150.407328&z=12&pll=-33.789292,150.337723

Just sayin... ;-)


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Gladstone / Lindeman / Copeland Passes
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A couple of updates to my ingress bushwalks list.

Still looking for submissions outside the blue mountains!

The bureau of meteorology obviously got their forecast wrong this weekend. All I can see over Katoomba to Springwood is BLUE SKIES.

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+NIA Ops  #PortalAppeals   I just had "First Ascent Plaque"  (in Kanangra-Boyd National Park, NSW, Australia ) approved at,150.050161&z=18 but unfortunately the location is way off.

I haven't submitted a correction to the location through the app because the surrounding terrain  is so indistinct in satellite view and it is too hard to locate the exact spot visually. While there is a perfectly safe access route to the plaque, an error of even 100m would make it impossible to get to safely.

I have accurate GPS coordinates for where the portal should be which are:
S 33 59.548
E 150 06.899

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St Michaels Falls - North Lawson park

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"I am a Unix Creationist. I believe the world was created on January 1, 1970 and as prophesized, will end on January 19, 2038"

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So this is in the city, but we can serenade our fellow travellers on the late train back to the mountains.
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