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Jonika Chacha
I am Jonika, a professional Tarot reader.
I am Jonika, a professional Tarot reader.

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Met a lovely lady from Norway. We discussed her psychic abilities and how she could strengthen them. :) 

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I invite you to my BLOG where I am analyzing the Hanged Man Tarot card. After the Strength card, this is the second time I have written about a specific Tarot card.

The Hanged Man tells us about everything that has to be and cannot be avoided. It represents rather dark/negative/unpleasant life experiences for the Ego such as chores, obligations, sadness, illness. Our Ego is suffering if this card appears in a reading. If a person wants to climb higher on the ladder of life, he or she has to sacrifice something for it—nothing happens “just like that”. The Hanged Man is about everything we have to submit to. Things and situations are forced upon us. This card usually shows up in the beginning of a new life phase when we have to make sacrifices before the changes can manifest. The sacrifice is conscious. We are aware of it fully. We willingly or unwillingly have to give it.

The Hanged Man speaks of a life experience that teaches us not to be will find out more by clicking on the picture below....

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I just sent out a new NEWSLETTER to my subscribers. I always try to write about something interesting and spiritually/mentally uplifting. If you would like to join my list, feel free to sign up on my website: Just for illustration, this is what  I am talking about in my latest newsletter:

It’s all around us: the pressure to be better, prettier, smarter, and richer. To have smarter kids, better car, bigger house or more money. To look like her or him…When we think about it, all of this pressure prevents us from being who we really are because our environment/society keeps us all competing for recognition and greatness.

But, is the one who shines a little brighter really better than the others?

I don’t believe so. This kind of thinking can lead us onto a path of slow self-destruction. By trying to be more like someone else, we unintentionally deform our own self-value and turn ourselves into someone who we would never want to become. Many times (but not always), those who are better don’t reach better results by working hard on their goals, but rather by deceitful and dishonest behavior, intrigue, and nepotism. We may not realize that living in a competitive state of mind may prevent us from getting to know our own self. We are on the right path if we are able to express honesty, empathy, good heart, tolerance, and an open mind.
We cannot succeed if we keep running after everything around. This is the paradox:
Only when we strive to be who we really are without the need to be special or better, we truly become exceptional and unique.
People who go their own way in life are those who are truly unique. They are special by being their unique self. They don’t allow themselves to be grabbed by the standards of the other people around them. These kinds of people have their own opinion and they are firmly rooted in the ground. They feel confident to follow their own inner light.
Learn to take action on insights and ideas when they show you how you can live a better life. The process of manifesting your insights brings spiritual growth; mastering the process is as important as accomplishing your goals. Don’t look to other people for validation. Your ideas that are new are unique to you and just beyond the mass thought. At some point, everyone you know may applaud you and tell you what a great idea you have. But do not wait for this support to believe in and act upon your ideas. Develop the courage to believe in yourself and your insights. Do things as you see best, not as others tell you to.
Do you feel the pressure to be competitive or do you go your own way?

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Writing a blog article about the Hanged Man Tarot card... :) I've always been confused by this card...It's time I analyzed  it and its meaning.

Doing an Angel reading for a client right now...this reading is all about the client's psychic abilities, angels, messages from angels...this is a channeled reading or psychic reading. I use Tarot cards sparingly in this reading.

Navštívte moju Facebookovú stránku. Vítam všetkých ľudí, ktorí sa zaujímajú o duchovný svet, šiesty zmysel a Tarot. Slovensko & Česko a všetci za hranicami... :)

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I was lead to Tarot gently and once I started working with it, I was hooked. I remember as a child, I was fascinated by every show on TV where a hero or heroine had some special abilities. I wanted to be just like them. Little did I know that I had talents of my own. From my personal experience, I have concluded that we are drawn to what we are good at and will excel at in life...

Why Is Working On Your Spirituality Worth It?

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Read my blog post about change...many people are afraid of it! They rather stay in their unfavorable conditions then allow change to happen because facing something unknown can be pretty scary...

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My favorite picture from my website. I took a photo of this flower in the  summer just last year. I have a tropical looking plant (I have no idea what  its name is)...and the hot and humid summer weather just made it bloom like this! it's that amazing? The flower was HUGE! :D

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Just finished a Tarot reading...and now, it's time to write a new blog post for July.
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