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Check out my latest post on on the #entrepreneurial  lessons we could learn from ABC's +Shark Tank 

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Firing Marissa Mayer from Yahoo would be a Huge Mistake

Marissa has accomplished a ton, and she should be judged after seven years & $10b in acquisitions–not 30 months and $2b. This piece was designed to sell books and get page views — it doesn’t match the reality of how hard these turnarounds are.

I agree with +Jason Calacanis that the New York Times piece was pretty awful. I'll add some color in addition to the points Jason makes here.

The culture at Yahoo was toxic. I don't mean it was bad. I mean it was absolutely horrid. Everyone knew it too. The funny thing. That attracted people who just wanted Yahoo on their resume. Get the big name and use it to get a bigger job.

For a time you could excuse some of those people because maybe they didn't know how bad it was at Yahoo so the 'I had to leave' mantra rang true. But soon you just couldn't believe these people. They entered the y-octogon knowingly. Put in a year and then pull the cord. 

These people weren't good for Yahoo and (hint) they're not good for your company either. That's how bad it was at Yahoo. Just flushing out those jackals (remember that binge where Marissa was just so mean) is tough and getting the company to actually turn the corner on culture and attract talent who wants to get shit done while at Yahoo, not just idle and CYA their way to another gig, is monumental.

So I can forgive a lot of the seemingly harsh things done via employees. Clearly some good have been swept out with the bad but when your company has cancer, you cut deeper to ensure you get it all out.

Beyond that, Marissa's done a lot around mobile and how content might be delivered on that platform, grabbed Tumblr (a huge win IMO) and inked the deal with Mozilla for search. And that contract with Bing ... well, it's up soon. 

From my point of view, the first few years have been about setting the table. The next few are about building. Or in investing terms, she's just finishing up the A round, now it's time for a strong B round where things begin to scale.


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According to a recent study by Forester of how users interact with brands’ social media posts, Instagram's engagement rate is 4.21% - far outpacing the other guys.

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"Offer suggestions, not critiques", one of the 5 tips to successfully lead global tips from our CEO, +Paul Berry as shared on +Harvard Business Review 

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You need a community, not a network via +Harvard Business Review

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Consumers are more likely to share offers on social for Restaurants (58%) than Clothing & (31%)

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Not all who wander are lost. Some become entrepreneurs.

Humbled to be included in this inspiring list om +Rappler  

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Here are some stats on what people browse and buy on their mobile phones!

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Here's an excellent guide on how you can promote your upcoming event with +RebelMouse, by +Justin Reynolds

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"Mistake 3. Assuming your work is done when you hit “publish.” 

Excellent post from +RebelMouse President, +David Spitz on the +Harvard Business Review 

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