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JONES- We Are The Joneses
Inbound marketing & PR agency specializing in content creation, website design, lead nurturing and customer engagement.
Inbound marketing & PR agency specializing in content creation, website design, lead nurturing and customer engagement.

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Is Your Inbound Marketing Agency Meeting Expectations?
Grade your agency partner on the five characteristics that are hallmarks of an agency that is focused on your success and has the tools and expertise to help you realize that success. If your current agency is coming up short, it could be time to start looking for a better fit.

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Make the Most of Social Media for Lead Generation
In order for your social media marketing to generate leads and drive sales, it has to be integrated with the rest of your marketing strategy. Learn how JONES uses a portion its 13-step marketing methodology to tie social media into a corporate website for inbound marketing success.

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6 Mistakes That Are Crippling Your Business Blog
No matter how well written it is, your business blog is useless if no one knows about it. Are you guilty of any of these mistakes that limit your blog’s potential by failing to put it in front of the people who need it? Which one will you correct first? #marketing #content

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Are Your Landing Pages Missing Something?
Check out the 8 essential elements your landing pages need to convert visitors into leads and use our free downloadable template to plan and manage each element. #inbound #marketing

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3 Steps to Turning Your Content Into Complete Campaigns
Simply generating content isn’t enough. You need to craft complete campaigns that can generate leads and then continue to nurture them throughout the buying cycle to drive sales. Find the calendars and templates you need to plan your next inbound marketing campaign.

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10 Characteristics Every Business Blog Should Have
Don’t settle for a ho-hum business blog when you can put these top tips to use to turn it into a big hit. #content #marketing

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Make Your Landing Pages Even Better
Match up two versions of the same landing page in a duel to determine which is more effective using A/B or split testing. Which image yields more conversions? Do your visitors prefer Headline A or Headline B? Find the tweaks that make a difference in these 5 steps. #marketing #optimization

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Putting Data To Work: 6 SEO Metrics To Keep in Mind
Improving your website’s search performance in the future starts with benchmarks based on current performance. These 6 metrics start with broad numbers and rankings and drill down to pinpoint the specific areas in which your SEO is working and ways to improve it for increased traffic and better conversion rates.

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Can’t Miss Posts: The Inbound Accelerator’s Top Ten of 2016
ICYMI: Find the 10 inbound marketing blog posts from JONES that our readers valued most in 2016, touching on topics from lead generation and lead qualification to writing blog posts and calls-to-action, and even how not to be productive (plus tips for changing).

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Reach Out to Industry Influencers to Expand Blog Impact
Engaging with industry experts—analysts, consultants, and satisfied customers—is one way of expanding the perspectives, insights and audience of your business blog. #marketing

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