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Want to follow some of the best and brightest in search marketing? Here's a selection of the fine folks I've had experiences with (either online or offline) or seen at conferences who have taught me something valuable.

I know that I'm missing some of you folks in here -- and many apologies in advance for that; no offense intended -- so feel free to ping me! :)
Includes some of the usual suspects like +Rand Fishkin +Ian Lurie +Lee Odden +Vanessa Fox +Matt Cutts +Danny Sullivan +Duane Forrester +Avinash Kaushik and so on.

But then there's also a few folks you may not know like +Dana Lookadoo +Jordan Koene +Kristy Bolsinger +Mike Pantoliano +Kate Morris +Carlos del Rio +Kaila Strong +Ben Wills +Ben Lloyd +Ross Hudgens +Dan Shure and several others who are also awesome - if you're following me, then you should most definitely follow them.

Don't like this circle or think it's missing something? That's OK - share your own! I'd love to know who you're finding valuable on Google Plus. Better yet, I'd love to know why.
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+Jonathon Colman Great bunch of search thought leaders in that circle of yours Jonathon - although you should've added yourself to it ;)
Ha, totally unnecessary... but now I'm following you! And that photo of Patch licking your face? #adorbz
Very helpful, man! Thanks for this.
+Jonathon Colman lol - yeah he tends to get me when Polly my wife has the camera out ;) - cheers for following buddy :)
Awesome! Thanks for sharing.
Thanks Jonathon! Excellent list - reminded me that I needed to go and do some following... Also very flattered you included me.
+Jonathon Colman You just rocked my socks off, err, circled them off! Honored! Also, I now have some new folks to learn from as well! Great idea!
Thanks for adding me to the list!
Very great list! Circled a few new folks. 

Hoping to one day earn my way onto a circle like this (don't add me just 'cause I said that). ;-)
Smart group, and 32 people I was missing. Thanks for sharing.
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