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I finally adopted a "motorcycle helmet" approach to putting a pattern lock and encryption on my phone."If you carry it with you, but wait until you need it before you put it on, you're too late."
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I need to encrypt mine and choose a better pattern.
Jonathon Barton, I tried to get back to you.BUT SOME A HOLES ARE HACKING ME AND ARE PLAYING GAMES!!! My replay to the Bearbag is Did ,them give the Bear, or the anamial a breath text.( not funny).
My old phone used to "magically" call 911 for me when using the pattern lock security feature. Nothing like taking a nice big bong rip and hearing "911, what is your emergency?" to scare the shit out of you!
face unlock?

teach me!
Face unlock isn't secure. Anyone can restrain you, hold the phone up to your face, then have their way with it.
The FBI recently had to ask Google for help breaking someone's encrypted Android phone.
That's a good idea. You know what really bad. Forgetting the number code to your old phone or new one. That kind of of messes up your day.
+annabelle m I suspect you (and a few other people in my circles) have an idea how much I use my phone, too.
Though I am a law abiding citizen, I don't feel particularly comfortable with the thought of an officer (whether he's Officer Friendly or not) casually perusing my phone (contacts, pictures, emails, text messages, Plus postings, etc.) during a routine traffic stop. Particularly considering the amount of data accessible from my phone. If I have a PIN or pattern lock on it, it is (for now) treated as a "locked container", similar to a locked briefcase, and requires a warrant to search (with limited exceptions)

Nor do I feel particularly comfortable with the thought of losing my phone (the fact that it's never happened does not guarantee that it will never happen in the future), and leaving all that data (which includes a lot of personally identifiable information about a lot of my friends, internet and IRL both) accessible to whomever may happen to find it.

It's taken me 10 years, but I'm finally to a point where the inconvenience of using a pattern lock (which adds fractions of a second to each access) outweighs the potential damage to my own, and possibly others', lives if I something (however unlikely) were to happen.
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