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+John Hanke John,

Your opinion about Pokémon trackers "sucking some of the fun out of it" is dead wrong. However +Niantic engaged with Pokemon Trackers to shutter them absolutely sucked 100% of the fun out of Pokemon Go for a lot of people.

Pokémon Trackers enable players to engage in self-selected, self-directed, emergent gaming behavior. This emergent behavior means that people are having fun playing +Pokémon GO  in ways you never imagined...and you just crippled their fun in favor of making everyone play it "your way".

I urge you and the rest of +Niantic to embrace what the Crowd builds - then monetize it. +Niantic and +Pokémon GO could have made another $10 million dollars this week, if you'd instead embraced the work done by +Poké Vision, leveraged it, and posted an official tracker app in the store for a buck.

For me? Racing the clock to catch an unusual Pokemon turns a walk into a jog, and with the stroke of an email (Cease and Desist, maybe?) you stopped tacitly incentivizing gameplay through allowing me (and others) to self-direct my gameplay via PokeVision (I played for 3 hours yesterday, collecting Pidgeys and Rattatas and visiting Pokéstops to refill) and I've walked more in July than I have in 10 years), and you instead incentivized removing the app and going back to playing Pokemon on the DS while I'm sitting on the toilet.

I don't believe that's the intended effect.
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Trackers were absolutely hitting the servers hard, and they had every right to shut them down. Also, yes, using third party tools to mine data from the game absolutely gives you an unfair advantage, especially when it comes to finding the Pokemon that dominate gyms that would otherwise be rare finds.

They are working on adding tracking and more features. This is Niantic- compare Ingress 3.5 years ago to Ingress now. Adding features over time is how they roll.
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Jonathon Barton

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Best way to manage your YouTube subscriptions perfectly!
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Jonathon Barton

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On "Remembering 9/11"

This year there are 83,267,556 Americans who were age 6 or younger on 9/11/2001, and the vast majority had not formed their first permanent memories yet. That's fully 27% of Americans who do not have (and can't possibly have) memories of 9/11/2001. (and 18.5% - over 57 million - were not even born yet...)

The oldest members of this cohort of Americans with no memory of 9/11 are College Sophomores this year. 

These Americans cannot "Never Forget" because They Can't Possibly Remember It In The First Place. 

"Never Forget" is swiftly moving into the history books (and should take it's rightful place) alongside "A Day That Will Live In Infamy", "Remember The Alamo" and "Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death". 

On second thought, maybe we should start using that last one again. 
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Mr. Barton. It is fine that you feel as you do. Clearly you thought enough of it to put the words down in a post and I respect that. But, don't be troubled by these thoughts of fear and trepidation, for these are the thoughts that harden and protect us. We do not tremble in our fear. We respect and learn from it.
I come from a time when the fear was not of some random zealot, but the actual, existential fear of global annihilation. A time when bomb shelters were real and a part of life. A time when at at any moment all of humanity could be wiped from the face of this earth in 5 terrible minutes. And, while those threats do still exist I no longer fear them because of constant vigilance and the belief that while there was certainly evil in the world, those that were good far outnumbered them. 
I was not directly impacted by the attacks on 9/11, but my life was forever changed. Good or bad it was changed by the will of one, very small group of mis-guided people. I will never forget that day and no one in my life will ever forget that day, because I will not let them. Now it is my turn to practice and teach that vigilance that has kept me safe.
I fear for this world, but I don't fear them. They do not cause me concern. Because I won't let them. And I will never forget why.
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Jonathon Barton

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It's been 4 years since the launch of Google+ - What are your thoughts on the evolution of the platform?

I barely use it anymore, for three reasons.

1) The Content has changed
Hardly anyone from my circles "blogs" on it anymore. They use it like an impersonal Facebook - reposting articles from other places on the web without adding anything to it. There are a few people out there who share and add quite a bit of editorial content, like +Dave Hill  and +Dave Taylor and sometimes +Sarah Rios  , but the vast majority? It's just a link to a funny cat picture or article about (x), with nothing insightful or personal added about it. I appreciate +Cindy Grotz, +Sarah King and the dynamic duo of +Eve Sullivan and +Lillith Sullivan so much because (unlike so many) their content is pretty much always personal. 

2) Google destroyed Hangout Discovery in 2012. For the first 2 years of G+, I had a circle of HUNDREDS of people who would hang out two or three nights a week. Epic 6 hour Hangouts. Sometimes drunk. Sometimes naked. Sometimes both. We'd leave the Hangout public, and random people from all over the world would sometimes wander through our hangouts - much to their confusion, more often than not... Then, in 2012, Google changed the way Hangouts appeared in people's streams (so that they basically didn't appear in people's streams), and within a month the weekly hangouts were completely dead.

3) We never got the (vaguely) promised API. I can pull anything I post to Google+ into my Wordpress Blog, but I can't go the other way. So now that I'm a fulltime RV dweller (currently in Sacramento), and have a lot of content and a limited bandwidth connection, and without an incoming API, all the interesting things I've done in the 6 months since I hit the road have wound up on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and my Wordpress site ( have been locked out of Google+ unless I take the time and effort to post them by hand - which sucks because I often upload videos when I have a good connection, then schedule them to go public 3-4 days in advance when I know I won't have a solid connection. No solid connection means that I can't hand-post to G+

The platform had a ton of promise in the beginning.

These days, it feels like Ingress (which started out as a side project from a very small team) gets more love than G+ (which started out as a project that was supposed to 'revolutionize' Google) does. 

That makes me sad.
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+Sarah King , NASA is however active on here! 
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Jonathon Barton

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I've always wanted to play Assassin's Screed, a game where you wander aimlessly through famous cities in famous time, yelling at people. 
I'm pretty sure it's by the same people who made one of my favorite games from the late 90's, Diatribes 2. 
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The Second Ad... 
I just wanted to make sure people are aware, this is a total scam. I drove all the way out there to look at this thing and the guy wanted a huge deposit before he'd even let me take it for a spin.

After looking around a bit I'd be surprised if this thing could even finish the Kessel run, let alone do it in a decent time. It's totally infested with roaches and womp rats, so when you figure the cost of a 6.2 trillion cubic foot fumigation job, this thing is a total write-off for that reason alone.

I know it's had Sand People in it, but all the tracks are single file so who knows how many have been in there or what parts they've ripped off.

You can't even get this thing licensed in most states until you remove all 384 turbolasers and the ion cannons will have to be retrofitted with low-capacity magazines (thanks Obama), and there's no way this thing is ever going to pass emissions.

The "carbon scoring" is conveniently makes the serial numbers unreadable, so I can't even verify what model year this thing is, but I suspect that it's the year that no one wants because there weren't any handrails on the control deck. The whole "open bridge" thing was a terrible idea. It's like the Pontiac Aztec of star destroyers.

So save yourself a trip. The guy just wants this crap off his farm but doesn't want to pay the Jawas to haul it away.

Believe me, this isn't the star destroyer you're looking for.
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Jonathon Barton

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I thought I'd put this out there to get you all to participate. It's a fun survey that covers Myers-Briggs typology to Hogwart's Houses, and I definitely want there to be enough answers to be almost statistically significant. =)
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I not my MBPT and DISC.
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Very cool. Different than what those of us who love the original are used to, but I liked it nonetheless.
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Went shopping downtown last week and took these photos from some cool hotel.

The carvings are from Karim Khan Zand, the king of Iran in mid-1700s, and some other monuments in Shiraz.

Coordinates: 29.622048, 52.541047

#Shiraz   #StreetPhotography  
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+Milad Farjadian - I thought you'd like this... It's a pity that I didn't see it until today - he was in Shiraz on the 31st, when this was published!
The former US Embassy in Tehran, Iran - AKA the Den of Espionage - an access-all-areas photo tour. A nest of spies, in downtown Tehran, or just an embassy?
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What a pity! :|

And I know he has had a hard time dealing with those idiot IRGC guys at the embassy! :|

I am not that much clear espionage allegations, yet. I am planning to check the facts before I decide. 

I hope he enjoyed the rest of his stay in Iran. 
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The First Ad...
Hey, it's posted in the RV section. Seems legit.
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This works REALLY well if your circles are a disheveled mess!

Create 5 new empty circles. called:
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Dump everyone from all your circles into "Everyone".

This may take two passes, as you may bump against the 'daily circling limit' that Google has, if you have a lot of people already circled.

Go ahead and keep people in your various specialty circles if you like, but YOU WON'T BE READING THOSE CIRCLES ANYMORE.

People in those circles are real human beings and post all kinds of stuff, cat macros, macro photography, circle management strategies, etc. that are completely unrelated to the circle you've put them in...

Again - your specialty circles are now for POSTING, not READING.

Now that you have everyone in Everyone...
As people interact with you, add them to the circle that matches how they interacted.
Did someone +1 your post, your comment, or your comment on someone else's posts? Put them in +1ers. 
Same with commenting on your posts, and/or resharing them - put them in the proper circle right from the notification pane.

When you discover someone who has been added to 4 of the 5 new circles - i.e. they have check marks for Everyone, +1ers, Commenters, and Post Shared, add them to Regulars.

The side effect of organizing this way is that the level of consistent interaction I have with people has gone WAY WAY up. because I'm interacting more frequently with people who interact with me more frequently. There isn't really a case where someone who is +1ing my posts regularly is getting lost in the shuffle - it just takes one +1 to get dropped into the +1 Circle - and then when I read the +1 Circle, I'm likely to +1 your post, because I KNOW you've already done the same with me... Same with sharing, and commenting... 
And of course, it makes figuring out who your 'regulars' are dead simple.

* Everyone who circles me gets circled, and they go into Everyone, so when I run out of content in the other 4 circles of people who have interacted with me, there's a secondary stream of content where I can be the one giving the first +1, Comment on, Reshare, etc. "Give and Get Give" as the mangled paraphrase goes.

* Periodically remove everyone from the Everyone circle and leave only the people in special interest circles and the 'interaction' circles. If you've had me circled for a while, but haven't found a single thing I post to be worth a +1, and you haven't posted content interesting enough for me to drop you into a specialty circle (Gaming, Science, Ukulele, Motorcycles, etc.) where I think you belong, then you're outta here, bub.

And I'm never at a loss for people to hang out with. =)
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