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+Eve Sullivan+Lillith Sullivan
Saw this on my journey.
Thought of you two.
HAD to eat here. :)

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DUDE! Want.
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This is kind of amazing on so many levels. 
I'm sad that Stephen Colbert never had a chance to put one on his shelf on The Daily Show. 
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Hi Jonathon. How you doing, I think we need him over here in England. Have
you bern reading about Russian Aircraft buzzing our air space. Picked up in
Scotland but not intercepted until Southern England. Thats scary. What you
been upto lately. Enjoy your posts.
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Jonathon Barton

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My Office: 2/17/15
Fort DeSoto Park, St. Petersburg, FL
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In Austin for #SXSW AND staying at McKinney Falls State Park in our home on wheels? (No hotel!) Does it get any better than this?
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Have you had any of the BBQ here? La Barbecue is worth checking out. John Mueller Meat Co would be another.
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Sitting on a bench, way down upon (well, near, really) the Suwannee River...
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For my RV People... +Michael Oconnor  (AKA, Living Free on YouTube) is making a jump into Google+ Land! 

Welcome, friend! 
Be sure to follow me here on Google+ I'm going to be doing more on here.
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Jonathon Barton

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Went to Fort DeSoto's North Beach about 4:30 this afternoon. 

I visited the fort, which was interesting, but not terribly so, since it was mostly active around the Spanish American war in 1898 - though the site was initially scouted by Robert E. Lee (yes, THAT Robert E. Lee) in 1849. I found it to be quite modern by "St. Augustine" standards. It had a "dynamo room" where they generated electricity, and the crew of the gigantic 12" mortars were given firing orders by telephone...
I guess that's what 200 years of progress gets ya. =)

After that, I went to North Beach, which has won several awards for being America's Most Beautiful Beach. I can see why. The sand there is...slightly coarser than talcum powder, and it's so smooth it feels silky in your fingers. 

And I made a friend! 

Look for a video coming up early next week at
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Jonathon Barton

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Yet more Floridian Geeplussers that I forgot were in Florida I should visit while I'm here. 
...since I came all this way.. .

Does the list never end?
+Bud Hoffman
+Stephanie Van Pelt
+Sparkle Pants
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For sure!
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Jonathon Barton

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Look who I found! ;)
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And I'm never at a loss for people to hang out with. =)
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On Tuesday, February 3, 2015, Wade and Wade did an incredible job at a VERY reasonable price installing a Blue Ox tow kit on the front end of my 2014 MINI Cooper S Clubman. I told them I'd be back in the area in a couple weeks (to pick up my FL plates) and I'd probably have more business for them. Little did I know... ***The following morning***, as I was getting ready to leave Starke KOA for Wildwood, FL, the starter on my coach gave out. They were "on the list" for places that I could have my coach towed to, and they were on the case! The repair was done quickly, and I was on the road to my destination with only a 4 hour delay. Had the repair been more major, Wade and Wade did everything they could to make sure that I was taken care of - they were even talking about getting me a spare key for the gate, so I could stay in the coach instead of a hotel at night, and wouldn't be stuck inside the coach from close to open. I cannot recommend this Father/Son Dynamic Duo enough.
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I grew up in North Highlands and used to ride my 10 speed down to buy RPGs. I moved away to join the Marines in 1986. I visited in 2014, and Jessica still remembered me - by name. There is no better hobby shop in the world. End of discussion.
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tl;dr AVOID. ORDERS MISSING 1+ ITEMS EVERY TIME. I sometimes succumb to the urge to go to this Taco Bell because it's "the close one", and the one on 104th Avenue always has a super long line. I regret my decision. Every. Single. Time. They can never get the order right. Never. I can count on my fingers the number of times I have been happy with what I got, and didn't "overpay" by a couple of bucks. I wouldn't mind so much if it were wrong, but it's always one or two items *missing* (this time, 2 Caramel Apple Empanadas), never enough to go get in the car and go back (because, seriously, it's two bucks), but always enough to go, "Oh, fer cryin' out loud". The Taco Bell on 104th Avenue has a long line basically always...and I suspect that the lesson learned here is why.
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Really good wings, even if they don't deliver. A little bit on the pricey side, but again, the Lemon Pepper is worth the drive.
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The *one and only* criticism I have is that the restaurant could lose the radio playing up front. It's that station that's been meant for 14 year old girls for decades. It would have been Duran Duran in 1983, Janet Jackson in 1987, Biggie Smalls in 1997, and today it's One Direction.Great if you're 14. Not so much if you're not.Everything else is top notch. EDIT: 11/20/12 - Went back for dinner tonight. The music was "Classic Rock, Performed on a Casio Keyboard, with Cowbell Percussion" Hilarity Embodied.
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They don't have my favorite Chiles Rellenos in the world - but then again, I can't get my favorite chilles rellenos delivered - so...I'm sold! I've also had the carne asada tacos and carne asada torta. Both are phenomenal. The decor is sparse, as you would expect to find in a little shoestring budget hole in the wall restaurant. They totally deserve your business. You'll be delighted!
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