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195,000 on my 1997 M3.
Ditto on the cornering, but a new Accord or Camry v6 has about 50hp on me these days.
I let them go first at the on ramp. :)
120,000 miles on my 1993 Mazda Miata MX5. Not bad for a 21 year old car. Still can corner with the best of them. :)
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A BMW M3 has less HP than an accord V6, interesting. On my third civic about to break 200k. The first went to 270k, second wrecked at 235k, I'm at 189k on my third in 8 years. I drive 40k per year. All purchased with over 150k. Love high mileage, but my little Hondas don't have those horses.
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Jonathon Barton

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This looks amazing!
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Jonathon Barton

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Google Community! I Have a QUESTION!

A couple days ago, I posted a video to my YouTube account. 
The security settings were marked as "Unlisted" (Only people with the link can see this video).

In 24 hours, the video gathered 48 views and 3 comments. One comment started off with:

Landed on this video searching for something else "...<topic>..." related, and wanted to throw in my two-cents.  Reason being, is I have done my share of <topic>, and I share your pain brother.  Just hoping to shed some 3rd-person perspective on your situation.

Here's where I'm confused...
The link was shared with only three people, including myself
I didn't share it beyond those two people.
The second person was obligated (and I really do mean obligated*) to not share it.

Before I go leaping to what seems to be the obvious conclusion here (that person 3 shared it), what else would you suspect?
I'm particularly interested in explanations that also tie up the "I was searching for other <topic> things" aspect neatly.

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This seems to be the most definitive answer - YouTube itself:

Unlisted videos

Making a video unlisted means that only people who have the link to the video can view it. To share an unlisted video, just share the link with the people who you’d like to have access to it, and they’ll then be able to see it. Unlike private videos, the people you share the video with do not need to have a Google account to see the video, and they can share with more people simply by forwarding the link to them.

Unlisted videos won’t appear in any of YouTube's public spaces, like your channel page or search results.

So, although the video is not Private, neither is it searchable, and Occam's Razor says that Person #3 shared the link, and that's where the 40-odd views and the comments came from.
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Jonathon Barton

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I wonder if J. Henry & Co. manufactures this magnificent invention in "bagpipe", "viola", or "oboe" versions?
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Ok I'm sold!
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Also, someone here just got a hangout request (we heard the oh so familiar tone), and it wasn't us!
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My previous coworker used the hangout tone for her medicine schedule alarm. So confusing to hear as a plusser.
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*My Favorite New Band*

(Oh, the things the come out of conversations with +Dorian Trent...)
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"He said the privately held company took in about $85 million last year, adding it employs about 200 workers during the pepper-grinding season and 60 year-round."

That's right folks - Market Giant and beloved Sriracha manufacturer Huy Fong Foods is a Small Business, with only 60 FTEs in the whole company.
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I'm thinking 85 million is a nice bit of taxes we'll take em over here. Why would anyone try to run a honest reputable business that generates that much tax revenue. Bleep you California! 
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Posted on GPlus for you good peeps.

Check out this amazing cover of this Hall and Oates song, You Make my Dreams come True.  

My good buddy plays the keys.  So, Check this out


"You Make My Dreams"-American Fiction covers Hall & Oates

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Jonathon Barton

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Not even the ones with +Wil Wheaton...
Love this show
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I also don't watch BBT and not really sure of the following for it. I mean, if you like it, cool and take it at that, but not sure why so popular. It's the same feeling I felt about Seinfeld and Friends.
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If you've looked for your flight or your baggage claim on a monitor at Denver International Airport in the last decade, we have already crossed paths, and didn't even know it, cuz that's my job...

*A Gamer*

*A musician* - Guitar, Ukulele, 6-string Banjo (EADGBe), and a little bit of terrible violin. (P.S. I love music hangouts)

*A motorcycle aficionado* - I ride a DRZ400, and love every minute of it. Especially the part where I find the following types of 'shortcuts':
 - hopping a curb
 - cutting on the sidewalk
 - crossing a field
 - stairs.

* Speaking of Stairs...I'm a Goon (Mostly a Cycle Asylumni, but also a Musician Lounger),

*A "trivia ninja"*.

* A Circle Curator - I curate a "Denver-ish" circle. It currently has about 400 **active** Google Plus users. I add new people, and remove inactive people on a weekly basis. You can find a version of it here.

This works REALLY well if your circles are a disheveled mess!

Create 5 new empty circles. called:
Post Share

Dump everyone from all your circles into "Everyone".

This may take two passes, as you may bump against the 'daily circling limit' that Google has, if you have a lot of people already circled.

Go ahead and keep people in your various (dishevelled) specialty circles if you like, but 


People in those circles are real human beings and post all kinds of stuff, cat macros, macro photography, circle management strategies, etc. that are completely unrelated to the circle you've put them in...

Again - your specialty circles are now for POSTING, not READING.

Now that you have everyone in Everyone...
As people interact with you, add them to the circle that matches how they interacted.
Did someone +1 your post, your comment, or your comment on someone else's posts? Put them in +1ers. Same with commenting on your posts, and/or resharing them - put them in the proper circle right from the notification pane.

When you discover someone who has been added to 4 of the 5 new circles - i.e. they have check marks for Everyone, +1ers, Commenters, and Post Shared, add them to Regulars.

The side effect of organizing this way is that the level of consistent interaction I have with people has gone WAY WAY up. because I'm interacting more frequently with people who interact with me more frequently. There isn't really a case where someone who is +1ing my posts regularly is getting lost in the shuffle - it just takes one +1 to get dropped into the +1 Circle - and then when I read the +1 Circle, I'm likely to +1 your post, because I KNOW you've already done the same with me... Same with sharing, and commenting... 
And of course, it makes figuring out who your 'regulars' are dead simple.

* Everyone who circles me gets circled, and they go into Everyone, so when I run out of content in the other 4 circles of people who have interacted with me, there's a secondary stream of content where I can be the one giving the first +1, Comment on, Reshare, etc. "Give and Get Give" as the mangled paraphrase goes.

* Periodically remove everyone from the Everyone circle and leave only the people in special interest circles and the 'interaction' circles. If you've had me circled for a while, but haven't found a single thing I post to be worth a +1, and you haven't posted content interesting enough for me to drop you into a specialty circle (Gaming, Science, Ukulele, Motorcycles, etc.) where I think you belong, then you're outta here, bub.

And I'm never at a loss for people to hang out with. =)
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A week after getting my Motorcycle Endorsement, I flew to Dallas on a one-way ticket, bought a bike sight-unseen, and rode it 800 miles home.
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The *one and only* criticism I have is that the restaurant could lose the radio playing up front. It's that station that's been meant for 14 year old girls for decades. It would have been Duran Duran in 1983, Janet Jackson in 1987, Biggie Smalls in 1997, and today it's One Direction.Great if you're 14. Not so much if you're not.Everything else is top notch. EDIT: 11/20/12 - Went back for dinner tonight. The music was "Classic Rock, Performed on a Casio Keyboard, with Cowbell Percussion" Hilarity Embodied.
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tl;dr AVOID. ORDERS MISSING 1+ ITEMS EVERY TIME. I sometimes succumb to the urge to go to this Taco Bell because it's "the close one", and the one on 104th Avenue always has a super long line. I regret my decision. Every. Single. Time. They can never get the order right. Never. I can count on my fingers the number of times I have been happy with what I got, and didn't "overpay" by a couple of bucks. I wouldn't mind so much if it were wrong, but it's always one or two items *missing* (this time, 2 Caramel Apple Empanadas), never enough to go get in the car and go back (because, seriously, it's two bucks), but always enough to go, "Oh, fer cryin' out loud". The Taco Bell on 104th Avenue has a long line basically always...and I suspect that the lesson learned here is why.
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Really good wings, even if they don't deliver. A little bit on the pricey side, but again, the Lemon Pepper is worth the drive.
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They don't have my favorite Chiles Rellenos in the world - but then again, I can't get my favorite chilles rellenos delivered - so...I'm sold! I've also had the carne asada tacos and carne asada torta. Both are phenomenal. The decor is sparse, as you would expect to find in a little shoestring budget hole in the wall restaurant. They totally deserve your business. You'll be delighted!
Food: ExcellentDecor: Very goodService: Excellent
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