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Found this cat sleeping in a barn at a goat ranch. 
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Silicon Valley isn't exactly known as a fashion mecca. When people talk about us in the context of style, its usually to snicker about hoodies or brightly colored socks. But the fashion industry should take notice: there's a lot of startups here gunning to use technology change the way clothing is bought, sold and discovered. 
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Jonathan Xavier

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Chegg's IPO was kind of a dud, but one of their investors had some pretty good reasoning on why they're still one of the best ed-tech bets going.
Paul Holland of Foundation Capital talked with me about why Chegg has been one of the only ed-tech companies his firm has backed.
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Jonathan Xavier

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It turns out that most of those plans that are being cancelled because of Obamacare are essentially scams. This one, which was what Republicans were making a big stink about, had so many restrictions and such a low coverage amount that an insurance expert said Blue Cross basically had her paying $650 a year to be uninsured. 

I've run afoul of this myself. When I was a bit younger I had a Cigna plan that meant I was basically insured in name only. I thought I had health insurance, but I really didn't. One visit to the emergency room later and I was stuck with a $2,500 hospital bill that my insurance covered none of and that I couldn't afford to pay. It took months of bargaining with the hospital to show financial hardship so I could get that cut down, and the fact that I "had insurance" actually worked against me during the process. 
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Not entirely sure I liked this trailer. It was well done, but it seemed like it was trying as hard as it possibly could to be an "epic trailer". Also, for a movie that seems like it will be really Wolverine focused, they spent an incredible amount of time on Professor X, who you wouldn't even know was alive in this movie canon unless you were one of the six people who saw The Wolverine . #movies2014   #xmen  
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X-Men: Days of Future Past Trailer Review
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Also *KYLE REESE. Totally blew the name, but we do these things in one take. 
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Violin  Memory is a company that a lot of people have written off, despite innovative technology and an early lead in the flash memory space that's currently eating the rest of the storage industry alive.

Which is why it was really interesting to speak with Kevin Denuccio, the man charged with turning Violin around. He's got a very different perspective on the industry than a lot of other executives in the space, and actually thinks Violin might just be placed the best to be the storage giant of the next wave of networking. 
Violin Memory CEO Kevin Denuccio says it will be easier for his storage company to capture all storage in the data center moving from the high end down rather than the commodity up.
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Jonathan Xavier

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Liked this Op Ed in Pando Daily. A where's the rage post, essentially. My answer to that question is that what the NSA is doing still sits a little too close to Silicon Valley's business model for it to be angry.

It takes some moral gymnastics to argue that mass surveillance to stop terrorists is beyond the pale but mass surveillance to serve advertising is perfectly fine.

It's conflicting. There IS outrage here, rightly, but the reality of the technologies and ideologies involved is nuanced. Nuance and anger don't mix.
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Here's the 24 U.S. venture backed startups with a valuation of $1B or more. And guess what? 70 percent of them are based in the Silicon Valley. #technology   #startups   #venturecapital  
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Russian Mark Zuckerberg nearly starts a riot by folding his money into paper planes and throwing it out the window. Real mark Zuckerberg spends his money on schools or something, I guess. 
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Also I love the not quite subtle implication that the people fighting over the money are selfish, while these two people who are obviously only working for the idea and not already comfortably rich are obviously better 
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