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I am better than average because...
No matter my current circumstances, I exercise the right and the power to improve my condition by simply practicing deliberate, powerful gratitude.

This doesn't mean that I am not bothered by unpleasant people and situations. It simply means I do not allow my current or future happiness to be controlled or metered by choosing to focus on unpleasantness.

This is ability and freedom to be unconditionally grateful is the fabric of a better than average life.
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Better Than Average Affirmation

I am better than average because...
I have created and accepted my identity through thoughts, words and actions to align with the facts of that statement.

I perceive myself as better than average, believe it is my right and within my power to be better than average, have a desire to be better than average and a willingness to do whatever is required to be better than average and live a better than average life. 
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Sometimes you have to remind Americans that people of color are treated like step-children in a family where Patriotism and White Nationalism are kissing cousins.

I strongly believe that America is the Land of Opportunity. There are more millionaires per capita here than anywhere else in the world. 8,008,000 to be exact. Only 35,000 of those are Black....
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On point like Stacy Adams +Jonathan McMillan​
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How do you show up in the world?
Are you warm and inviting?
Or cold and distant?
Do you welcome the opportunity to meet new people? Are you grateful to be able to share and celebrate the human experience?
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"The secret to building and living a Better Than Average Life is focusing all your energy on finding and creating opportunities for yourself and others to feel gratitude.
Be Better Than Average."

- Jonathan McMillan

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"Let your attitude be the thermostat that brings warmth to those around you stuck in the cold of their fears, anger & sadness.
Be Better Than Average."
- Jonathan McMillan 
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Better Than Average Affirmation

I am better than average because...

I am courageous enough to change that which doesn't suit or benefit me or advance my goals.
I am brave enough to create new preferred conditions for my life.
I do not and will never settle for a "less than life"; a live where I pursue, attempt or manifest less than what I am capable of achieving or deserve simply because the task may be difficult or may remove me from my comfort zone or go against the status quo.
Creating and living a better than average life is not a task for those fearful of change, discomfort or hard work. 
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Better Than Average Affirmation

I am better than average because...
I consider being completely responsible for my life, my happiness, my failures and my successes, a privilege rather than a burden.

Because my life is my responsibility I need not ask for permission nor am I dependent on anyone else to improve myself.
By taking complete responsibility for building a better than average life, I naturally live and enjoy that lifestyle, for no one can take what I have accomplished from me, neither figuratively nor literally. 
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20 years ago hip-hop legend Tupac A. Shakur died at 25.
Did art imitate life or did he bring about what he spoke about?
The Christian bible says in Isaiah 55:11 - ​​ "So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall...
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Bringing the new Google+ to more people

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Second, if you haven’t yet previewed the new Google+, over the next few days we’ll upgrade you to the experience when you sign in on the web. You’ll still be able to toggle back to classic Google+ for the time being.

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"You don't achieve success on demand but by demand.
If you want a better life you must set higher standards for yourself. You must be willing to push yourself past the point which you're comfortable.
Raise the acceptable standard of excellence for yourself and the levels of success you naturally achieve will rise.

Be Better Than Average."

- Jonathan McMillan 
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Working to make me and my world Better Than Average.
I am a simple man who has lived a complicated life. The lessons I've learned from the experiences I've been through and the challenges I've conquered have helped me develop a philosophy that life is meant to be lived at a level better than average. 
My goal in life is to help others become aware that they can be better than average and create and live better than average lives. 

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