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#BTAChallenge   #3GoodThings  
1.I got a glimpse of how many people I'm inspiring/influencing through this challenge
2.Complete 4/5 task on the #5ThingsAccomplished Challenge 
3. No stomach issues all day. 
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Wsup now....punk...trick.
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#BTAChallenge  1 
Every night share three good things that happened to you and use   #3GoodThings   #BTA  
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+Karen Cokenour One week starting tonight.
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#KingJulian had no idea how much fun and excitement was in store watching the fireworks on the Fourth but he was still in dancing mode while waiting on the train down to Sports Authority Field at Mile High.
#Treasure #BreakItDown
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Last night I read an article about choosing your must over your should in order to achieve a significant level of success. One section of the article described the type of person who chooses their must. 
"Those who choose must.
When who we are and what we do are one and the same, we are walking the road of Must. When we choose Must, what we create is ourselves. It is a body of work. When we make something because we Must, not just because we can, it is the difference between disposable products that last a few years and life-affirming movements that sustain generations".
I immediately thought of Mr +Barry Overton  a man who I had the pleasure of meeting a little over two years ago. The personal and professional development that he's accomplished in his life is inspiring to me and motivating me to continue on this mission to grow the Be  #BTA  Movement. I decided I was going to contact him the next day and see if he would share his story with my Mastermind Group. 
When I woke up this morning, I had a text message from Barry about a conference call. That was an obvious omen from the Universe that the message needed to be shared.
I tuned into the conference call and heard some great information from people really doing well in his business and then had a really productive 40-45 minute call with him afterwards. 
They say you're the sum average of the five people you're closest to and I'm actively working to add more #successful people like him into my circle of influence. 
If you're looking for an #opportunity to change your life for the better I encourage you to reach out to Barry and see what he's offering. 
Be #BTA  
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I'm convinced most people use words because they can, not because they know how. 
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Definition of irony
I've been attempting to watch this 10 minute video on "How To Speak so That People Listen to You " for about 30 minutes
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Have him in circles
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I wish there was a spelling test required to use the internet.

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That's the truth! Cus you need decoding to understand some people.
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Create a #BTAChallenge
Complete at least one blog post
Complete two life coaching lessons
Listen to two hours of motivation/leadership training.

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Be proud!
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Every night share three good things that happened to you and use #3GoodThings #BTA

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You are the sum average of the five people you are closest to
And I am actively seeking out people who raise my performance level in all aspects.
I was lucky enough to hangout this holiday with Sean Taylor, a man who is large in stature, spirit, and personality. The journey he's traveled this far is incredibly inspiring. If you know Sean you know he naturally represents what being #BTA is about. I'm proud to call him friend and honored he and his family call me the same.

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Wonderful!  Great pic also!!!
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I wasn't tagged but this is what Grown and Sexy look like round these parts.

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how sweet...beautiful couple
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Have him in circles
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Working to make me and my world Better Than Average.
The reason they call me WydeOpen is because that's how I live my life.
I don't hold back what I feel, what I think.

Everyone who gets to know me is happier for doing so. If you choose not to, I won't fret it's your loss.
I'm not conceited or full of myself, I just know I am a person that works to make the world a better place so that my legacy is one that is remembered fondly. 
When I die, I want a standing room only funeral. 
Allow me in your mind, soul & life and all will be better for it.

I have the power necessary to obtain my definite major purpose through harnessing the tremendous potential in my mind and the knowledge I already have. 

My mind is sold on success and REFUSES to accept the possibility of failure! With that in mind, I budget my day-to-day endeavors so that they will lead to the attainment of my major purpose. 

EACH MOMENT IS MADE TO PROGRESS TOWARDS MY GOAL! The few, who like me have embarked on their journey, will recognize and want to aid a fellow traveler.

Don't forget to show me love and remember to always be Better Than Average!
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