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Jonathan Wright
Tech Geek, Gaming [Analog and Digital], T-Mo advocate, Android fanboy and Beer Knurd. All said here is mine and mine alone.
Tech Geek, Gaming [Analog and Digital], T-Mo advocate, Android fanboy and Beer Knurd. All said here is mine and mine alone.


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For those that are trying to get an +Inbox by Gmail​ invite, email them between 3-4pm PT today.
Want an invite TODAY? #InboxHappyHour 3-4pm PT. Send us an email at between 3pm and 4pm pacific and you'll get an invite by 5pm.

It's not my usual thing to do this, but I have a friend who had his Google, Twitter, and Verizon (to beat his 2-Step auth on Twitter) accounts hacked into so the person could take his Twitter account. In the process, they deleted his Gmail account to make it difficult for him to reclaim any of it. After three failed attempts to reach out to Google to restore his Google account, he's looking pretty desperate, I figured I'd try to help.

Does anyone have any advice on restoring a Google/Gmail account through Google's limited recovery support? Or, does anyone know anyone with Gmail that may be able to help within reason?

Thanks! :D

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Birthday cake ideas for next year, +Lauren Salazar.
Originally shared by ****
My favorite dessert and video game series just got real...

It looks like Inbox is receiving some very favorable reviews on blogs and the like. Is it a true representation or a positive skew because those bloggers are pleased to be involved at the invite-only stage?

I'm looking forward to trying it myself!

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Welcome back, Coach Lasso.


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Trying out the +Dungeons & Dragons 5e Starter Kit with +Nicholas Qualls today. Perrin Greenbottle, the halfling rogue, will sneak attack you with due prejudice.

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Happy Dungeons & Dragons 5e Starter Set Day! :D

I can't wait to try it out. +Dungeons & Dragons has been doing a lot to promote this version release.

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Introducing Duolingo for Google Glass and Android Wear.
Learn a language, at your convenience.

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I can't wait for #USA vs. #BEL. It should be a great match if both teams can play up to their potential.

Oh, and here's a silly Deuce/Klinny gif.

#USMNT #WorldCup2014 #1N1T
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