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Gödel fans out their why do you like Gödel?

I as a fan like him for many reason some of with are, his ability to prove statement that are not only original to himself but contradictory to to common assumption of the mathematicians at his time, his contributions to the Hilbert program, that is, founding all of mathematics, and many more reasons. 

Morgenstern, the co founder of game theory, recorded a lot about Gödel and Einstein in his letters. In one of these letters he said that towards the en of Einstein's life he considered Gödel's work to be more important then his own. Bye the way Einstein and Gödel were good friends.

Who here accepts:
1.) If their is an object Φ not being is good, then Φ being good is false.
2.) If an object Φ is good, then Φ is necessarily good.
3.) If an object Φ is good and all of its properties are that of another object ψ, then Ψ is good.
4.) If God exist, God is good.*
5.) Goodness necessarily exist.
*Note: God is defined as the being witch their exist nothing greater. 

Hey, I am forming a group and need some players. It is a 4e and will be on Skype. Is any one up?

Happy Birthday Descartes.

Why is it that most the atheist I run in to feel it necessary to insult the theist? 

Is anyone else here a fan of phenomenology?

Cogito ergo sum or cogito sum that is the question.

I will now describe to you what skepticism is. It is similar to skeptical. A skeptist would believe that you cannot know anything at all, and if it is a good he will say that we cannot know that we cannot know. I know this might be a bit confusing if you don't get just comment below and I will explain.
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