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creator of Grandmother Fish, the first book to teach evolution to preschoolers.
creator of Grandmother Fish, the first book to teach evolution to preschoolers.

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I like this article, especially the image that racism is the new porn. It's the new thing on the Internet that kids can get to that grownups freak out over. But here's a section I'm not sure about. What is the message here?

...we tell them racism is nothing but easily dismissed bullshit from hatemongers, but in the next say things like ...

"She's got her father's temper!" (So you're saying personality traits are handed down by genes?)

"Japanese animation is so much more beautiful and emotional than Western. Likewise, BBC dramas are complex and nuanced in a way that Hollywood could never dream of." (So you're saying some cultures are set up to produce superior outcomes?)

"European colonialism has utterly destroyed Africa." (So you're saying that mass immigration from an incompatible culture can destroy a society?)

"Golden retrievers are the most gentle, loyal dogs you'll ever see!" (So you're saying that personality traits within a species are the result of breeding?)

At that point, your platitudes about all people being created equal will be accepted with a nod and a wink.

I think the author is saying, "Don't say things like this any more", but that would be pretty strange.

In previous discussions, we have talked about how BLM is the biggest social justice movement on the left, especially now that NoDAPL is not in the running. Sometimes it seems as though BLM is above criticism, but I doubt that's really true. Can someone point me to liberal, constructive criticism of BLM that would be considered within the pale? For sure there are terrible, racist, right-wing criticisms, but that's beside the point. Within the left, are there any constructive criticisms that have any degree of validity or legitimacy? I don't recall running across any such analysis, but maybe one of you has? I don't even really care whether I would agree with the criticism. My question is whether there are any open issues the left regarding BLM, or any way in which support accompanies well-meaning criticism.

I did a Google search and didn't come up with much of anything.

Some of you probably have other comments to make in response to this question, which is fine, but then please start your comment with a quick answer to the question of whether you know of any such criticism. 

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On social media, I occasionally get folks asking for proof of evolution. Luckily there's plenty of proof, especially now that we can trace common descent on the molecular level. 
On social media, Grandmother Fish is on the front lines of the conflict between evolution versus creationism. My one-word answer to “what’s your proof” is genetics.

#evolution #creationism

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Evolution of pinnipeds, as outlined by these three prehistoric species. Science isn't about feelings, but the middle one gives me the creeps a little. Are those feet? Or fins? 
Today's seals evolved from otter-like predators in North America over 20 Mya. Here are the pinnipeds ("fin-footers") in Clades: Prehistoric, three "mammals of the water".

#kidscience #evolution

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In Seattle, a 19-year old black man is dead over beer. He's younger than my daughter. He opened fire on police, so he's not exactly an innocent victim. I don't think there will be a lot of people crying out for justice in the name of Damarius Butts. But we should. Justice in his name would mean fixing things so that babies born today don't turn into armed criminals who risk their lives for beer. 

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Walking down the middle of the street is a great way to see one’s city. Here we are, marching through Seattle for science. 

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The local Trump-voting barista, now a "reluctant" Trump voter. shared this image with me on Facebook. 

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Hope to see many of you today, rain or shine. 
Today join Karen and me at the Seattle March for Science. I'll be speaking at about 11:30, on the topic of how evidence can bring us together. After the march, you can look for me at Seattle Center. I'll be in full-on Grandmother Fish mode.

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We have instincts to dance in a group, and it's intrinsically rewarding. A step class is great exercise, but it's not fun enough to retain most people. I've been doing this sort of dance exercise for 5 years, one to three times a week. The gym has classes every day, and the ones outside of work hours are packed.

A few years ago I hired a local drumming instructor to teach a 4-week custom class for a group of about six of us. The idea was to tap into the primal experience of creating percussive music with your "tribe". Next time I do something like that, it will be a dance class instead.

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"We need to stop getting stuck in our heads. Speak from the gut, speak from the heart." —Ben Stuckart

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