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Karen and I have sent the final image files for Clades and Clades Prehistoric to the printer. The cards look better than what you see in this old graphic. The rulebooks got a lot of work to get them just right, thanks to a sharp-eyed editor. Karen and I are both the sorts of creatives who want our work to be just right, and the editor was all on board with getting everything right. Hard work, but worth it.

For US customers, both Clades and Clades Prehistoric are available for preorder. For evolution fans outside the US, please find a game retailer, especially one that already carries games from Atlas Games.

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Another update on Laurier, with a big helping of Orwell. By a Laurier professor. It seems as though the court of public opinion is coming down on the side of the TA against the three people who admonished her.

A friend and I coordinate moderated dialogs between people who disagree on one political point or another. Here's the format we use for the dialog. We are doubling down on the process of asking people to paraphrase the other person's statement.

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This giant book is getting closer and closer to being laid out. It was a dream project for +Rob Heinsoo and me, so we're happy to see that the layout is so good.
In the latest Kickstarter update for 13th Age Glorantha, Rob says "I'm not making timing promises but we're getting close".

Since the Shepherd/Laurier incident has been mentioned here, this is a follow up with more information.

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"_We can assure you that if we don’t talk about it as research scientists, it will not prevent racial demagogues from using it to support ugly and intolerant social policies._"

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"For example, when Nicholas Matte claimed there’s no such thing as biological sex in the TVOntario debate with Jordan Peterson, I doubt it’s because he has much genuine interest in biology; it’s a way to rationalise his desire to liberate people from the limitation of gender."

I'm the enemy of Critical Theory and all its descendants. It confuses important issues of inequality and injustice, preventing the most committed social justice activists from understanding the inequalities and injustices that they would like to undo. Here's a critique of Critical Theory in relation to the Laurier controversy.

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(can't verify the source but...)

Magician Shokyokusai Tenkatsu and her Flower Heaven Troupe wearing a strap-on hooked into a 300,000 volt Tesla Coil to shower bolts of artificial lightning on the girls below holding conductor rods, part of the Japanese artistic movement called Eroguronansensu (literally “erotic-grotesque-nonsense”)

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50 years ago today, Rev Martin Luther King launched his Poor People's Campaign. Four months later, he was killed. Now Rev William Barber and others are relaunching that campaign. Here's hoping it works. Our faceless economic system makes privilege and lack of privilege both largely 'heritable", and inequality has been getting worse since the 70s.

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Using structure and ground rules to enable productive communication across political divides. Seems like a good idea.
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