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My new favourite film. ;) <3 ::: Studies On Hysteria | Featured Short Film


When the going gets tough,
Will the tough run away?
Will the weak ones stay?
It wouldn’t surprise me at all
If the weak ones save the day!

Only the tough times show
Who the tough ones are.
But beware,
The truly tough ones — each will wear a scar.

The tough from the weak;
The weak from the tough.
A label’s not enough.

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Tad “JTK.CA” NudistPoet
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Guelph, Ontario, Canada
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My newest fave #DeathActing scene award goes to TommyLeeJones in #JasonBourne! Animated GIF-worthy performance! Best choreography with a lamp!

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DICKERS: Packed With Penis, Dickers Really Satisfies! #DickFlicks @midnight

Thrilled! After days of patience & several tries, i FINALLY fixed my computer problem. Woo-hoo! "Love is patient," including computer love.

I'm 49, sitting by an elderly lady. She says she's single & looking. I say I'm available & ask her how old she thinks I am. Then I wake up.

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Post has attachmentührerTrump 🤥 edited #BillOfRights words "person / people" to words "citizen / citizens." Subtle & traitorous to #Constitution!

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