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Jonathan Smyth
the only ones for me are the mad ones
the only ones for me are the mad ones

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Spirits of Syracuse Distillery is coming along great! Won 13.3k in funding a little over a week ago, snagging 10k for Green Innovation, 3k for prototyping, and 300 for "Most likely to Succeed". We're finalists in the Panasci Business Plan competition this weekend eligible to win another 30k! We're hopeful, and the future looks bright. Check out our website!

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We seek to provide the finest quality handcrafted alcoholic beverages using local and organic grains and produce. We make small batches by hand to ensure that every bottle is exceptional.

With a passion for exciting flavors and locally crafted goods, the Smyth brothers are opening the first distillery in the city of Syracuse since the prohibition.

We use only the finest local and organic ingredients to produce a variety of flavored vodkas, gin, and unaged whiskey.

Our flavorings will be created utilizing high quality locally produced fruits, herbs, and spices; we will constantly be exploring new combinations of flavors that will excite and entertain the palate.

We will seek to use only high efficiency equipment in distillation, as well as disposing of all wastes in the most ecological ways possible. As distillation is a high energy task we will be seeking alternative energy sources.

If anyone isn't paying attention to the news about SOPA and PIPA, they should be kicked off the internet.

Yesterday evening, I had to change a lightbulb.
A bit later on, I crossed the road and walked into a bar.

It was then I realised my life was one big joke.

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Overclocked my desktop over 4ghz on air. Sweet!

Just ordered the components for my new desktop, hoping newegg gets them to me by the end of the week :)

So I'm going to assemble and test a NeXT Cube workstation tonight, oh a taste of computer history. I've got a pair of mint NeXTCubes, three monitors and a laser printer.

Looking for the most reliable / low cost domain registrar; any recommendations?

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