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Google, I am disappoint.

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Quite a good hatchet job on Snowden from the NY Times...I am sure they are not bitter about being passed over for the Guardian...However, at base it is a simple ad hominem attack that is based upon assumptions.  Note to columnists, slagging off atypical young men who gravitate towards the tech field may not be the best policy in our new interconnected world, but I digress.

The funny thing about this article is that it is an object lesson in the problem with the Prism program and all this other legitimate monitoring who-haw.  He takes a few data points - young, high school dropout, liberatarian, and paints a picture of the most insidious potential terrorist/traitor the contemporary world has seen - all without interviewing him.

tl;dr: In defense of metadata swooping, reporter fails at his job by relying on metadata snooping.

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Proof that I am a terrible person: I laughed out loud twice the first time I saw this.

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*snort* *giggle*
today I'm looking for some wallpapers and then..... :D

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"So the NBA, according to Boudway, chose the Sacramento offer because it wishes to continue the flow of public funds to the NBA. As Robert Baade and Victor Matheson note, in the past 20 years we have seen more than $3 billion of public money spent on NBA arenas.  Consequently, Hansen’s offer might have been crippled by the fact that Seattle’s arena had 100 percent private financing.
It is really not possible to know if the NBA owners are keeping the Kings in Sacramento because Sacramento is providing public funding.  What we do know is that for Seattle to get a team in the future, the owners in the NBA are going to have to bless such a move. And that is because the NBA is really a command economy."

Sacramento...not so good at figurin' but great at cheering losers.

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I've said it before, and will likely again, "F*@k apple, and f*@k it's fanbase twice."  Your shiny gadget fetish is but one of the daggers at our collective throat.

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Neatorama: Celebrities Photoshopped into Renaissance Paintings.

Rejoice, for the hoi-paloi of Sacramento have their Kings.  One group of losers wedded to another group of losers, and we the tax payers get to pay for the wedding, the reception, the honeymoon, and the inevitable divorce.  Congratulations mediocrity, you have won the day.

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If you feel like I do about assault weapons and the NRA lobbyists who bribe our politicians, please support the event below in person or use the suggested tools to apply pressure to the guilty parties. I will be releasing an offset print of this NRA themed version of the "God Saves and Satan Invests" poster to help fund worthy initiatives. Thanks for caring. - Shepard Fairey

See info below about an event this coming Tuesday being put together by us and some of our friends and partners in the gun violence prevention movement. Here are the details.

We'd love for you to participate in the event targeting NRA lobbyists and to encourage as many people as possible in the DC area to attend (details below!). But, what we really need is to generate calls and social media posts to clients of the lobbyists in the day afterwards, to urge the clients to drop the lobbyists who work with the NRA. That is going to be our key online action.

Although we have a page that lists the firms and specific lobbyists (, we are picking out key clients that will be impactful. We will write suggested language for you to share with others- — and we'll share that language with contact information on the clients by the end of this week. If you would be willing to spread the word through email and in social media, that would be amazing!

Target NRA Lobbyists Tuesday, April 16, on Anniversary of Virginia Tech Shooting

On the sixth anniversary of the mass shooting at Virginia Tech next Tuesday, a coalition of organizations, advocates and activists will expose lobbyists working for the National Rifle Association and deliver symbolic caskets to their offices.

Groups including Occupy the NRA, CREDO Mobile and The Other 98% will stage the April 16 protest and hold a news conference outlining the web of influence controlled by the NRA. We will discuss exactly how the lobbyists work and who else they have on their client list. (See also the Hired Guns page at Occupy the NRA's web site

We will also unveil a new print by Shepard Fairey targeting the NRA.

"These guns-for-hire put the NRA's agenda ahead of the lives of our children, and are just as responsible for the epidemic of gun violence in this country," said Aaron Black of Occupy the NRA, one of the event organizers.

The caskets delivered to the lobbyists' K Street offices will bear the names of multiple locations where mass shootings have taken place.

Who: Occupy the NRA, CREDO Mobile, The Other 98% and others

What: A news conference and protest starting at McPherson Square and proceeding along K Street

When: Tuesday April 16, 2013 at 12:00 NOON

Why: Because the NRA’s lobbyists can no longer hide in the shadows while Americans are killed by their handiwork. Their other clients have the right to know how little they value public safety.

#IfIHadGlass I would work to make them useful as guides for all the museums possible, so patrons could get explanatory and historical information from any painting or sculpture simply by looking at it.  They would help me become the ultimate tour guide!
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