Nice quote from How Google Works today #HowGoogleWorks in Forbes in an article that covers the remarkable fact that the leading presidential candidates of both parties rail against free trade. Remarkable because most mainstream economists agree international trade agreements are desirable.

The article rightly suggests "Railing against international trade agreements isn’t going to solve the problem. Nor does it lie in constructing more elaborate economic models. It lies in rethinking how business is being conducted. A good starting point is Albert Einstein’s insight: “The significant problems that we have cannot be solved at the same level of thinking with which we created them.”

The quote from HGW is:

“Traditional, MBA-style thinking,” as +Eric Schmidt and +Jonathan Rosenberg write in their book, How Google Works, “dictates that you build up a sustainable competitive advantage over rivals and then close the fortress and defend it with boiling oil and flaming arrows.” That doesn’t work anymore, because competitive advantages are less and less sustainable. The firm has to go on innovating, in order to be continuously successful.
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