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I love my buddy +Sundar Pichai but I did not expect this photobomb!!! 
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Did Sundar marry you and Hillary Clinton?
Ryan R
It looks like you <3 Hillary too.
Ladies and gentlemen,!
This is the main event of the evening, this is the moment you've all been waiting for.
"It's time!"

Introducing the champion. Fighting out of the blue corner. This man is a Senior Vice President. Holding a professional record 12 years under Google.

And now introducing reigning, defending USA Champion out of the red corner. This woman is a Secretary of State. Holding a professional record 8 years under president Barack Obama.

Our referee in charge is +Sundar Pichai 
Here we go! :-)
ok - I want a good, clean fight...
Did you buy her book?
I buy books from all of the folks who give Author talks ;-) yes.
You are a lover not a fighter. I have always said that
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