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He's not a racist, just an insecure idiot who ruined his life with that comment. 
You'd better not go dating any owners.
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I agree with +Flo ronto! I have listened to the whole conersation on Youtube. It seemed liked his "girlfriend" was trying to push his buttons and get him to say things, while she was recording for TMZ. He might be insecure about his gf hanging with black guys, but I wouldnt be so quick to call him racist. I just see the whole thing as an attempt by the girlfriend to become famous. Hours after the controversy, her instagram page, which was private before, is all of a sudden public and she gained tens of thousands of followers? People usually delete their social network accounts after incidents like this, but not her. I would say he got set up. 
Welcome to North America....
A lots of educated black folks can't get a decent job because they created some crazy algorithms on Python. Now, the owner of Clippers said a racist statement, but he won't be punished due to the "WHITE POWER". If it was an anti gay statement, he will be punished(JESUS CHRIST) .... This is North America where we always are going to be slaves till the end of time..... Please, Jesus comes back.... AMEN 
In The United States Everyone Is INVITED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Who gives a crap what this guy said? The more you pay attention to this crap, the more you empower them. Put your big boy pants on a move on.
Joe, you make a good point and I respect your opinion. However, there are always going to be idiots like this. My point is this, as long as there is free speech, he's allowed to speak his mind. People like you and I don't have to acknowledge their stupidity. Did his words prevent blacks from attending today's game? No. That's the best way to beat him at his own game. Keep the faith.....
+Joe Freeman Yeah I heard about those. You make a good point. But what I'm trying to say, is that the whole thing is getting blown out of proportion. Who knows what the other owners of his age say about minorities? Can you try and find the recording on youtube? I'm not defending him at all, but all I'm saying is I dont trust that girl. She is a golddigger, trying to be famous. 
In the tape, he wasnt making this about race at all, but she was. And she was instigating the whole situation.
Anyway, I would wait and see how all this plays out before I give into the hype.
If you do this in South Africa we will chop your head off, if u people think this ia funny, now i know that American people are using black people as toys. Wtf ia this? 
I do believe there would be more of a backlash had he made anti gay or anti Semitic remarks, particularly from the media. 
+Chris Kochinsky Yeah, because dating someone for money (which is his decision as well) is just like spewing racist remarks. 
It would be greatly appreciated if someone took me to an NBA game
+Flo ronto he is a racist. Others who say dumb things like ni**r or k** or closer to what you said. Those people are influenced by outside forces. He is the outside force, given his position, power over others, and overall control...agree or disagree? 
+Aboubacar Sacko couldn't disagree with you more. I can say he was less "agressive" after hearing the tape but true racism is closer to his beliefs and assumptions....racism it sneaky evil. Like industry glass ceilings and failed neighborhoods. It's by design so the person profiting can continue to profit...
The problem with doing this sort of protest at a LA Clippers game is it technically enriches him as he is the owner of the team and gets profits based on ticket sales, concessions, etc. I mean if he doesn't want black people to attend, that's what can be done, as well as people who don't agree with his sentiments also boycotting attending the games.

What sucks is it would be difficult to punish him punitively without other people who aren't directly connected suffering collateral damage.

What may happen is the other owners may end up putting pressure on him to sell his stake in the team. This situation and the spotlight it caused may end up having long-term financial impact to the league.
His punishment should be: $3 million dollar fine. Indefinite band from any team activity including attending games. No Draft picks during suspension. This would cause an inability to win games, inability to keep current talent, and inability to obtain new talent causing him to sell.
Oh and current players are free to find better work environments and can break their contracts. This pressure would get results.
That man is definitely a racist and deserved to be punished for his comments.a person with that much power should have class to conduct himself but not him. Can't nobody bait you into saying anything but you. People who are defending him needs to look in the mirror. All black people should not attend no clippers games. As a laker fan I love this shit. #golakers
Anyone know a word better than awesome to describe it?
Nice work guys!!!!! Don't think he speaks for all of us white guys out there!
When there is too much money involved there is no worth...both sides have no value. Lets move on to more worth while news that brings true value to humanity.
Now that's the way to deal with idiots with racist view - Friendship.
can't help but wonder if he really needed a sign that said "I'm black".. that's kinda like over kill isn't? lol
'68 Mexico City Olympics 2 blk men. In '14 blk, white, bi-racial, int'l men, and all fans...#silverlining
Oh yeah, nice show those racists everybody is equal. That's the way!
you won 1 Internet good sir!
You are now officially awesome.
So Awesome.
JR.... you've always been a larger-than-life-tower-of-awesomeness, but this just turned it up to "11".  Well played.
Not to be insensitive or anything but by the standard set today I probably am. So what if the comment was made in an other setting ? I actually had a person where I work who is a non white ask me what I thought about this ! I think I actually offended him by my reply which was pretty much no opinion.
sterlling must be shocked.

Fuck rasism black and white together
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