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Jonathan Rosenberg

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Watching Warriors live via Slingbox in Budapest 
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Jonathan Rosenberg

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Great conversation about gender, happiness, science - and poetry and marine biology - with the +Financial Times' Richard Waters.  #workrules
Laszlo Bock, head of “people operations” at Google, has an endearing way of going off-script that can be surprising for a person in his position. Hiring 5,000-10,000 of the smartest people on the planet each year is a pretty tough job, so you would
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Jonathan Rosenberg

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ROV Hercules, exploring the Gulf of Mexico, is investigated by a large sperm whale for nearly 4 minutes at a depth of 2,000 feet. "What the heck is that?"
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Jonathan Rosenberg

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Startups are selling themselves as much-needed improvements on the hidebound world of old-school banks and brokerages. And Wall Street is starting to worry.
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Reminds me Four Horsemen documentary,
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Jonathan Rosenberg

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Pakistani nature photographer Atif Saeed managed to capture this stunning shot of a lion — just before it leapt at him.
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I'm thinking "change of underwear"
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Jonathan Rosenberg

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Managers matter, and amazing managers matter a lot. To understand what the best of the best do differently, we studied our top performers with the happiest teams and discovered eight common attributes. None of them are rocket science, but they can be a challenge to consistently put in practice.

Our solution? Turn them into a checklist for both managers and their teams. If you’d like an easy way to manage better, print this out and put it above your desk so that you’re reminded of how best to support your team every single day. #workrules #management #google
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Jonathan Rosenberg

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Congratulations +Susan Wojcicki​. 
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same here
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Jonathan Rosenberg

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For a culture of innovation, make it safe to take risks by rewarding thoughtful failure.

Many organizations already do this, like Bullis Charter School. There, if a student misses a question on a math test, they’re able to try it again for half credit. By acknowledging that we won’t always be perfect all of the time, the school emphasizes learning and encourages resilience. We take a similar approach at Google, focusing on what we can learn from mistakes rather than who to blame for them. It’s been effective for us and seems to work pretty well at Bullis too – in 2013 it was the third highest ranked middle school in California. #workrules #failure #innovation #learning #google
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At 5:50 of this Ted Talk, Harry Cohen calls me a "Heliotropic Leader" I had to look it up!!!! Thanks Harry. Does it make me "Un-Heliotropic" to plug for myself that he called me "Heliotropic?
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I agree with him. :-)
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Jonathan Rosenberg

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Don’t be afraid to try crazy things in order to hire the best people. In 2004, we ran a billboard with a cryptic puzzle leading to our careers site, hoping it would encourage curious computer scientists to apply. How many people did we end up hiring from it? Exactly zero. But it did help us learn, focus, and refine our process.

By holding a microscope up to how we hire, we’ve learned invaluable lessons about what works and what’s a waste of time. But this has only been possible by taking risks and accepting failure. Any organization can do the same, all it takes is the willingness to try something new.  #workrules #hiring #google
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I already decided; but just to be in comfort along my conscious mind ... I'm going to think about random strings like "Shor's algorithm, D-wave"
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Jonathan Rosenberg

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What’s an easy way to keep your hiring bar high? Make sure you only hire people who are better than you. This will absolutely slow down your hiring process ... but that’s okay. The best people have such an outsized impact that they’re worth waiting for. By hiring more slowly and selectively, you’ll surround yourself with people you learn from every day and who are ready to step up to take on big challenges when they arrive. #workrules #hiring
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