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Jonathan Rosenberg

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Well before product managers wrote the playbook that defined a generation in Silicon Valley,  Professor Nathan Rosenberg explained that innovation would come from startups and that the formula for success was experimentation.

"Innovation often originates outside existing organizations, in part because successful organizations acquire a commitment to the status quo and a resistance to ideas that might change it." How the West Grew Rich, 1986.

"Experimentation has been the key factor in the success of Western capitalism." Exploring the Black Box: Technology, Economics, and History, 1994.

Dad passed away this morning after a long battle with Alzheimers.

Nathan Rosenberg 1927 - 2015
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Beautiful picture. 
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Jonathan Rosenberg

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Apropos to nothing else... the Chromebook is making headway in the Geezer Marketspace.  I deal with elderly people and their computer troubles, I presume we all do a bit of that, family and such.  To cut down on the amount of stomach acid I generate thereby, I have simply told every geezer of my acquaintance to get rid of their Windows box and get a Chromebook.  They love it, I get no further phone calls and life is great.

Jonathan, if I were doing marketing for Chromebook, I'd be targeting elderly people.  My girlfriend's cantankerous mother, afflicted with a brain tumour, can operate a Chromebook.  What did Larry Wall say about PERL? "Is it not the sound of a wall that people have stopped banging their heads against?"  Same goes for Chromebook.  I'd script an ad, showing an elderly Zen master talking to camera, holding out a Chromebook, saying that exact phrase. See if you can license it from Larry Wall.
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Jonathan Rosenberg

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The race to decipher the workings of the human brain, and build new economies around it, is on, says Professor Murali Doraiswamy.
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no. please, this is inhumane.
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Jonathan Rosenberg

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+John A. Tamplin I think I know very well. There are way more people assembling iPhones for $3/hour than creating iOS or designing iPhones for $200k/year. (OK, $1M was an exaggeration.) Most of the cost of an iPhone goes to high-paid labor. But most of the hours are low-paid. That's where inequality comes from.
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Jonathan Rosenberg

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Boston Dynamics, that company Google bought in 2013, has begun to testing one of its humanoid robots -- those that are designed to function like humans -- out in the wild.
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Phenomenal! Such progress. Now we need better batteries or compact energy sources so we can untether them. 
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Jonathan Rosenberg

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NYTimes: Inside Amazon: Wrestling Big Ideas in a Bruising Workplace

I have no comment. 
The company is conducting an experiment in how far it can push white-collar workers to get them to achieve its ever-expanding ambitions.
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I think that amazon is excelling at their methods by using technology to push company success to the maximum, that is remarkable from an Organizational point of view.

They found the 'old-fashioned' right balance between compensation and performance, leaving apart people who is not able to perform at any given time. And that is both a hard issue, but fair too.

This is the type of Organization that remind us that at the end of the day, the number 1 reason for most people to work, is money.
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Jonathan Rosenberg

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One day 3D printers will be able to churn out working electronics and fully-functional machines, instead of just plastic parts. And that day is now slightly closer with MIT CSAIL’s MultiFab 3D printer that can use ten different materials to build working devices in a single print run.
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As one of my co-workers is fond of saying, "We are living in the future"
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Jonathan Rosenberg

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Watch your language. Literally.

Speak into your watch and flip it over. The person you’re talking to can read what you said in their language, and respond in kind. The latest software update for Android Wear has Google Translate built in, so unless you speak 44 languages, your wrist can now speak more languages than your mouth.

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Its really a challenge for a machine to understand the complex details of a conversation from humans, we most know, from automated call centers, Spanish in my country. If it's hard for a human to listen under certain conditions a telephone conversation, a machine is not an exception.

But we know that this are the steps to be taken to have an humanoid robot listening & talking to us in the near future, and that's exciting on its own.
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Jonathan Rosenberg

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The internet and mobile phones put the little black address books out of style. I guess someone had a bunch in a warehouse and figured out a way to repurpose them by marketing to folks a need that internet technology has created. Still, I'm not sure this is better than free alternatives!!!!
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Too big.
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Jonathan Rosenberg

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For the first time ever, two women have completed the Army's Ranger school, one of the toughest combat training courses in the world.
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THEArizona Border
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Jonathan Rosenberg

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or maybe we made plans to meet in a particular place at a particular time. ...
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