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Jonathan Rosenberg

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+Hannah Rosenberg took out +Joshua Rosenberg in Iceland on a glacier.
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Sarah S
a a Yea.. But.
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Jonathan Rosenberg

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A new prize aims to recognize colleges that succeed in attracting women into information technology, a field where they remain underrepresented.
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Good evening all!!!
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Jonathan Rosenberg

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Jonathan Rosenberg

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What’s more clever than a good brainteaser? Letting people show their skills and accomplishments. The best interview questions aren’t clever at all. “Tell me about a time your behavior had a positive impact on your team” and “Tell me about a time you had difficulty working with someone” are a few of my favorites. They may be bland, but if you use them consistently they make it easy to separate superb candidates from the rest since the best people have such better examples to share. What are some of your favorite questions?
 #workrules #interviews #hiring #justsaynotobrainteasers

More tips at
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Jonathan Rosenberg

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Cafe du monde in New Orleans watching dubs finish Grizzlies!!! 
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Is that your family
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Jonathan Rosenberg

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"Give your work meaning" from +Laszlo Bock 
Everyone would like their work to be meaningful, but not all jobs make that possible, right? Turns out, it’s all in how you think about it. By connecting your work to how it benefits others, you can find meaning in just about anything.

A prime example is Chhapte Sherpa Pinasha, a former Everest guide who now works in a New York deli. According to Pinasha, “the two jobs are not really different,” since “both involve helping people.” Instead of seeing his job as merely slicing lox, he’s found the deeper meaning in what he does, motivating him to do his best work. 

No matter what you do, there’s someone benefitting from it. Figure out who and use them as inspiration.

For more work rules, check out this quick guide:

Even more at:

#workrules #google #meaning #inspiration
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Jonathan Rosenberg

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Interesting data an fatal motor vehicle accidents; zoom in and take a look at those insane Italian and Israeli drivers compared to say, the US!
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Hi! You sure look sweet!
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Jonathan Rosenberg

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The Silfra fissure is Iceland  is actually a crack between the North American and Eurasian continents, meaning that you dive or snorkel right where the continental plates meet and drift apart about 2cm per year. The water is very clear. Here is +Joshua Rosenberg 
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Beautiful blue water if its really blue 
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Jonathan Rosenberg

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+Laszlo Bock is right about transparency.
It can be scary to be transparent, but the benefits make it worth it. In fact, just by sharing information, results improve. When New York state started requiring hospitals to post death rates from coronary bypass surgery, those rates fell by 41% over four years. Just by making performance transparent, patients received better outcomes.

So even if the idea of opening up makes you nervous, it’s worth it to find places where you can start. Even seemingly small things can have a big impact. #workrules #transparency

More advice at
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Jonathan Rosenberg

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This reminds me about a funny story in my family. The first time my parents got a computer mouse, my mom reversed the top and bottom and held it what I would call "topside at bottom". She never learned to change the way she used a mouse and I was never able to use her computer!
Here's a fascinating look at how our brains are programmed to expect certain behaviors from the tools we use, and how difficult it can be to re-program those neural algorithms. Destin was given a bicycle that was designed with ...
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Well, so the gravity may have something to do with human languages, especially in grammar control matter, I think. 
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Jonathan Rosenberg

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Searching for Better Answers.. Zeitgeist London Google's Foundation: on the cusp of a major advance human progress
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Jonathan Rosenberg

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Rule number 6. Follow +Laszlo Bock advice!
Summer is nearly here, which for many of us means it’s almost intern season! If you’re expecting an intern or any other new hire for that matter, and wondering how best to welcome them, we’ve found five things that make a big difference on how successful new folks are. How big? When we shared this advice with managers, those who followed it saw their new hires become effective 25% faster than their peers, saving a full month of learning time. So hang onto this as a reminder and share it with anyone who’ll be managing someone new. I guarantee they’ll appreciate it!

More advice for new managers and new hires at

#workrules #hiring #newhires #advice
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