Besides the new handwriting style fonts, this research panel is my new favorite feature in +Google Docs 
The research pane in Google documents is a handy, new feature that makes it simple to find and add content to your doc—without ever having to leave it.

You can access the research pane in any Google document from the “tools” menu. Once you’re there, search for a topic, just like you would on Google. Then read more about it or drag and drop one of the images straight into your doc. If it's appropriate, a footnote citation will be automatically added so there’s a record of where you found the info.

With the research pane, you can find and embed a photo of an early prototype of a lightbulb into a research paper on Thomas Edison, add a map of Italy to the doc you’re using with friends to plan an upcoming trip, or easily do competitive research for your next big pitch. 

Find out more in our blog post: Try putting this #gonegoogle tip to work and then let us know what you’re researching. 
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