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Jonathan Patrick
🎓Author (, speaker, business innovator and strategist. Essentialist. Join the movement at 💻
🎓Author (, speaker, business innovator and strategist. Essentialist. Join the movement at 💻

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Looking for capital? Find out the variety of places startup capital can come from and how hard it is to get from each source. #startuptips #startuplife  

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Looking for advice on SBA loans? Check out my resource guide and learn the ins and outs of SBA lending

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Great city for starting up...
Asheville North Carolina – #2 Best Startup City - This week Popular Mechanics announced the 14 Best Startup Cities in America. Asheville ranked #2, scoring high for its thriving brewery startups, the Accelerating Appalachia accelerator, Venture Asheville and the Asheville Angels. The iconic magazine on popular technology is read by over 1.2 million people across the U.S. The article comments, “As you make your way past the art galleries and restaurants downtown… you may wish you could move here, which is what so many entrepreneurs have already done.” #2 Best Startup City:  Asheville, North Carolina January 13, 2015 — Mike Rangel, a pioneer of the craft-brewing industry in Asheville, North Carolina, says it’s a BYOJ city, as in “bring your own job.” People may move here for college or because it’s naturally beautiful and reasonably inexpensive. But they stay for the chance to make a living exactly how they want to. The Blue Ridge Parkway dips into a valley and cuts through town as it peels toward the Great Smoky Mount

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" Lessons from a Failed #Startup " includes 22 lessons I learned the hard way, but you can avoid. #entrepreneur

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I am also seeing a resurgence. Considering one for UTFCU

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Have a #startup  and looking for capital? Learn the various places it can come from in this zero cost webinar
Looking for capital for your start-up? I can help!

In this Hangout we will be running through the various ways to fund your business, including the difficulty in landing and sophistication of each type of capital. 


-A little interaction
-How I can help you
-Key points
-The capital continuum
-Sources of start-up capital
-Open Q&A
-A special offer
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