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Go For It! has been available on for the past few weeks but I didn't really communicate about this.

If you currently have Go For It! installed from ppa, I recommend removing the ppa and deinstalling Go For It! and reinstall it using AppCenter. (Settings from versions prior to 1.6.2 will be imported.)

The version available on AppCenter is configured with elementary OS in mind, the functionality is the same, but there are some small differences.

Another thing: If you know a language other than English and are using Go For It! consider submitting a translation:

(If you are allergic to launchpad, submitting translations directly is also possible via, launchpad is not very cooperative lately anyways)

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This wasn't something I had seen up close before: a sparrow-hawk eating a dove. Normally I don't encounter birds of prey in my garden.

(Google+ seems to be changing photo's a little bit, making this photo look slightly worse. It has decreased the contrast, the pupil used to be darker.)
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There has been some discussion about the future of Vala on the Vala mailinglist for a while now. I myself am getting a bit concerned about it's prospect myself.

Can we get an official response from the elementary OS project on this matter?
I know Vala is still actively used and advised by elementary OS core developers, but I have yet to hear what your view is on the problems Vala is having.

The reason for bringing this up is the latest blog post by Emmanuele Bassi:

I don't want to sour the mood, but I have become increasingly worried since this thread five months ago: (I can't remember elementary devs having talked about this.)

Got a new phone today. I had been using a Sony Xperia P for over 4 years. So far really happy with my new Xperia X compact: no more stuttering sluggishness and software issues! It is amazing how much mobile phones have improved over the past few years. ☺️
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Hi everyone.

I registered Go for it! ( on launchpad to enable easy translating, yesterday.
If you could help translate Go for it! to a different language, then that would be great!

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Is #showyourdesktopfriday still a thing?

I'm checking out android without google apps on my 4 year old phone (no play store, no google services, etc...).
It's pretty good so far:
- The system is noticeably faster, this will in part be caused by the new android install.
- The IceCat browser performs much better than chrome.
- The system is much less cluttered.

It has a couple of disadvantages:
- Google calendar sync was a bit of a pain to set up.
- No Google+ and hangouts apps.
- F-droid isn't quite as intuitive as the google play store.
- A few non-free apps complain about missing google services, but function anyways.

I may stick with this setup.
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I installed Loki yesterday (after some HDD re-partitioning, my setup was already broken anyways).

It has not been hard to find bugs so far. (To those that really think that almost all bugs have been fixed when you look at : sorry that's definitely not the case ;-). If you're not afraid of the terminal and are used to dealing with weird issues, it is usable though.)

I don't know if I should report the bugs or wait until beta 1 is released.

Some examples of bugs: windows starting somewhere outside of my screen, very buggy multi monitor support, appcenter showing a single category, weird shadows in gala, slingshot appearing above wingpanel instead of below, crashes.

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I continue to be surprised at how much effort and time it can take to make something that doesn't seem all that complicated at first glance.
Well, if things had already been designed, not (just) talking about UI, and just needed to be coded and documentation was always clear, it would take a lot less time.
I just hate the constant feeling of being close to finishing something, only to have the finish line shift a bit further back when having worked on it.

I can picture the end result clearer then ever before, so I hope that this won't stay that relevant for much longer: .

(On the positive side: I'm learning and improving all the time.)
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Hi, I have the following problem: I have been working on a ListBox with support for reordering. (It isn't an exact copy, and it isn't complete yet)
I want this widget, and the rows it contains to integrate nicely with the other widgets, untill now I have accomplished this by setting the parent StyleContext of the StyleContext of this widget to the StyleContext of ListBox, but since since Gtk+3.20 uses CSS nodes and gadgets this doesn't suffice.

What is a good way to inherit the style of a widget without making that widget the base class while supporting a large range of Gtk versions?
I could mirror the new code of ListBox and ListBoxRow and use a bunch of ifdefs, but that would quickly get out of hand if the way the standard widgets are drawn changes again.

Shouldn't GtkCssGadget be included in the documentation and bindings, btw?
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