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poetry + programming + puppetry + everything else
I'm a dedicated Mormon family man with wide ranging interests in religion, politics, history, science, nature, technology, education, language, and art.

An experienced web application engineer by profession, I'm formally educated in English literature and literary criticism with additional studies in physics and electronics.

On the side, I perform puppet-comedy shows, dabble in mime as time permits, and am trying to be a part-time farmer.

I am a firm believer in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and I run a web portal for LDS blogs.  I also often write about Mormon related subjects on my own blog, Sixteen Small Stones.

As a conservative republican curmudgeon, I believe strongly that the U.S. Constitution should be interpreted through the natural rights philosophy of the Declaration of Independence and principles of limited government, liberty, responsibility, virtue, self-reliance, thrift, and self-control.

I was born and raised in the western United States. I have also lived in Santiago Chile and traveled in Puerto Rico, Italy, and Israel.
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Didn't learn to read until I was nearly 9 years old. Read The Lord of the Rings and the Silmarillion by the time I was 11 years old.
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J. Max Wilson, J. Max, Max, Jon


Jonathan Max Wilson

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The new LDS temple in Payson Utah is beautiful. So glad we got to visit for the open house and talk with our children about the holy ceremonies and covenants we participate in.

The authority Christ gave to the Apostle Peter to bind and loose on earth and in heaven is today held by the presiding high priest and prophet of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. And using that authority our marriages and our families are bound together not just until death parts us, but for this life and for eternity in the next, if we are faithful to Jesus and the covenants we make in these holy places.

#lds #mormon
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Gorgeous. :)
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Jonathan Max Wilson

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With thoughtless and impatient hands
We tangle up the plans
The Lord hath wrought.
And when we cry in pain He saith,
‘Be quiet, man, while I untie the knot.’

- Anonymous

(As quoted by Elder Boyd K. Packer, Apostle of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 1979)

#lds #mormon #quotes
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Jonathan Max Wilson

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"Let all gospel instruction in the home or classroom be a genuine experience in learning--not merely doctrinal Ping-Pong."

- Elder Neal A. Maxwell, 1980

#lds #mormon #quotes 
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Jonathan Max Wilson

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My mother is in Johannesburg South Africa at the present, serving an LDS mission with my father.

Here is an excerpt from the email she sent her family and friends today on Mother's Day:
"Happy Mother's Day! I know this holiday is meant to honor mothers, but it often just brings to mind all our failures as mothers, [...] Realistically, though, I'm pretty sure Heavenly Father is totally thrilled that each of us has been willing, even if we never actually had kids at all, to be mothers. Being a mother is as close as I'll come to living the Law of Consecration, I suspect--giving all my time, talents, money, and sanity to building the kingdom of God--but missions run a close second.

And for those of us who are not particularly domestic or instinctively maternal, I think God realizes that in reality our sacrifice is especially real. But who could ever have convinced me as a 20 year old that having children would be so incredibly valuable and eternally significant. I'm just thankful that in the '60s the prophet said to have babies, or I probably wouldn't have. [...]

I haven't forgotten how hard motherhood is. I remember [with three children under three-years-old] I went to Mary's 3 months check up and said to the doctor, 'One of us needs a tranquilizer, and I don't care which one.'

Motherhood is truly a refiner's fire, but being refined over and over and over just might help us become, if nothing else, more compassionate and patient, and possible even more like God.

Babies are definitely worth the challenges."

I'm thankful for all of the women who are willing to sacrifice and struggle to have and to raise children (including those who are willing to do so even though the circumstances of life have not required it of them).

#mothersday #lds #mormon
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Jonathan Max Wilson

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There is no "hate speech" exception to the 1st amendment.

"People have a First Amendment right to call for speech restrictions, just as they have a First Amendment right to call for gun bans or bans on Islam or government-imposed race discrimination or anything else that current constitutional law forbids. Constitutional law is no more set in stone than any other law.

But those who want to make such arguments should acknowledge that they are calling for a change in First Amendment law, and should explain just what that change would be, so people can thoughtfully evaluate it. Calls for a new First Amendment exception for “hate speech” shouldn’t just rely on the undefined term “hate speech” — they should explain just what viewpoints the government would be allowed to suppress, what viewpoints would remain protected, and how judges, juries, and prosecutors are supposed to distinguish the two."

#government #law

Asking “is this free speech or is it hate speech?” is like asking “is this free speech or is it rude speech?” or “is this free speech or is it evil speech?”
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Jonathan Max Wilson

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Question for those of you doing HTML5 development: What JavaScript framework do you prefer? Why? Which one do you think will still be maintained and widely used years from now?

Angular JS
Backbone JS
Ember JS
Something Else

I don't get a lot of opportunity in my current job to experiment with as many developing technologies as I would like. What should I be learning to stay relevant?
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+Jonathan Max Wilson 

Angular is used in roughly 1200 projects at Google according to Brad Green (manager of Angular team @ Google). It's also the most popular web framework today. The Google team has tripled in size in the last couple of years, so Google's investment in it seems to be growing. Angular 2 is still somewhat unknown, they just entered developer preview. It is pretty similar to React in a lot of ways. It is also going to be more modular similar to Aurelia. 

React is better for UI's where you need finer grained control over painting, for performance reasons. Angular is better for rapid prototyping and building features fast. I don't see any compelling reason to use Backbone for new projects these days. React is basically a better Backbone. Ember seems to be declining from my point of view but I know people who use it and love it too. I haven't used Aurelia but it's the least known/used of them currently. If you're ok with that, then you should also check out Mithril.

You really can't go wrong though picking one of the big three (Angular, React, Ember). They'll all be around for the next few years at least. It's everything else in your frontend stack that is likely to change: package manager (I'd use npm), build tool (npm again or gulp), module system (I'd use webpack), ES6 compiler (I'd use babel), etc etc etc. That's the downside to all the innovation that's happening right now in JavaScript land.

Lemme know if you have any other questions.
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Jonathan Max Wilson

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"What we say tonight, then, we say in all gentleness but not without strong feeling. The Women in this Church need to be prepared--personally prepared--first, to stem the tide of error inundating the world, threatening families, short-circuiting the power of individuals. Second, though we have great men to lead us, we need to know for ourselves what is error and what is truth so that we can make valid value judgments. So much depends on this. Third, we need to grow and develop so that we are prepared to contribute. We each have a mighty errand to do. It may or may not include marriage and motherhood at this time, but ours is the errand of influence."

- Sister Elaine Cannon, LDS Young Women General President, 1979

"Much of the major growth that is coming to the Church in the last days will come because many of the good women of the world (in whom there is often such an inner sense of spirituality) will be drawn to the Church in large numbers. This will happen to the degree that the women of the Church reflect righteousness and articulateness in their lives and to the degree that the women of the Church are seen as distinct and different--in happy ways--from the women of the world."

- President Spencer W. Kimball, 1979

#lds #mormon #women #quotes
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Jonathan Max Wilson

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An excellent essay on the legal precedents involved in the Marriage cases before the supreme court this morning:

It is an abbreviated version of the full amicus brief found here:

#marriage #law #government
According to a recent amicus brief by scholars of liberty, same-sex marriage is not only counter to the Supreme Court’s long line of personal liberty cases, it may even be prohibited by them.
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Jonathan Max Wilson

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Please read this very perceptive essay by a good friend of mine. And share it with your friends and family.

Some Thoughts on Discipleship and Staying Mormon

"As Latter-day Saints and as Christians, we believe that in a war between self and tradition, if either wins, both lose. There is a third alternative that is not abandoning self in service of tradition, nor shirking tradition in service of the self. That third alternative is to become disciples of Christ. While tradition says 'follow the rules,' and while expressive individualism says,'follow your heart,' Christ, in contrast to both, says,'Follow thou me.' Christ cuts through the competing demands of both self and tradition, and invites us to make Him our Master, rather than self or tradition. I like to imagine Him saying, 'Follow thou me, and I will make the rules and change your heart.' In the battle between tradition and self, the only victory we should seek is the victory of Christ over both."

Read the whole thing:

#lds #mormon #tradition #truetoself #Christ #faith
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Thank you for sharing that. Very impressive.
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Jonathan Max Wilson

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Cashier at the Costco in Orem Utah balancing a watermelon on his head while doing his job.

Sorry the video is so short. Maybe next time I will have time to get a better shot. Still very impressive. He kept it balanced customer after customer.

Now I have something to aspire to!

#amazingpeople #talent #video
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Jonathan Max Wilson

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Some interesting experiments with mosquitoes and twins. The headline is unfortunate because the article itself says that the study is just preliminary with a view toward further research, but the headline implies that the conclusions are established fact. This is a common problem in science reporting.

"At this stage, we don’t know what could cause the difference in aroma between people. It might be that some people smell repellent to mosquitoes, or that some people smell especially attractive. The genetic influence on smell is itself still something that needs to be worked out. Whether it’s caused by chemical processes in the skin, or a tendency towards different cultures of natural skin bacteria, is still unknown."

#science #nature #mosquito #hypothesis
Small twin study finds a genetic component to mosquito attraction.
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So should I blame you now?
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Jonathan Max Wilson

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Rolling out to LDS congregations in the U. S. this year: paying tithes and offerings electronically. :)

#lds #mormon 
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has approved an electronic method for members in the United States to pay tithing and submit other charitable donations.
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