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Hey everyone. I know I post a lot of stuff that most of you never read or watch. And that's fine. But if there is one thing that I have posted in the last few months that you actually take time to click and watch, let it be this one.

My brother-in-law, +Mister Tim, is a talented songwriter and vocalist who uses live sampling technology to perform a one-man show in which he sings all of the parts.

This is a new original song entitled "Now the Moon" that is just amazing. I love it. This is the video of his live performance at the Rocky Mountain Loopfest last week in Colorado.

Tim is very modest about his music, but this song deserves a wider audience, so I am sharing it.

Please watch, like, and share.

#music #livemusic #acappella #originalmusic #mrtim #moon
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Hi Max
I am greatly impressed with your posts. Thanks
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Jonathan Max Wilson

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If any of you are looking for a new show to binge-watch, the first 3 seasons of Person of Interest are finally available streaming on Netflix:

It's a great New York City crime-drama crossed with a present day Sci-Fi/Conspiracy story-arc.

In some ways it is a modern, stripped-down re-conceptualization of batman except without the theatrics-- a crime-ridden city, corrupt government, organized crime, terrorism, a wealthy technologist and an ex-CIA/military vigilante teaming up with a good cop to take on the corrupt system; but with an added layer of large scale surveillance-state conspiracy Sci-Fi.

That's not completely surprising because Person of Interest was created by Jonathan Nolan, who co-wrote the screenplays for the movies The Prestige, The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises, and Interstellar with his brother Christopher-- some of which are among my favorite movies of all time.

The cast is great, and I especially like Michael Emerson's role as Mr. Finch-- he is a very talented actor and it's fun to see him play a good guy after having played Ben Linus in LOST.

One of my favorite shows to come out in the last few years. Check it out.

#TV #shows #entertainment #youarebeingwatched
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Season 4 is supposed to show up any day. This is easily my favorite show on TV right now, though.
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Jonathan Max Wilson

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For the five of you who might be interested, here is my Spotify playlist of "Long Songs":

It's a collection of songs I like which are 7 minutes or more long. It could have easily been dominated by RUSH or Yes, but I consciously limited those artists to get a better mix.

I chose 7 minutes because there are quite a few songs in the 6+ minute range, but the number seems to fall off considerably at 7 minutes. And 5+ minute songs are so common that 6 minutes doesn't really feel "long" to me. Unfortunately, a few songs that I would have liked to include (like Metallica's "Fade to Black") missed the cut-off by only a few seconds.

(And just to re-emphasize, these are 7+ minute songs that I like to listen to. The playlist doesn't attempt to include any song that is longer than 7 minutes.)

[Oh, and though I have tried to include songs that do not feature profanity, I do want to apologize for the one egregious swear in Flogging Molly's "Black Friday Rule".]

#music #spotify #longsongs
A playlist featuring Pink Floyd, Iron Butterfly, The Who, and others
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Jonathan Max Wilson

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In recent years it has become increasingly trendy to favor the legalization of recreational drugs. Proponents of drug legalization make some good arguments, citing both practical as well as increasingly popular libertarian philosophical reasons.

I am certainly sympathetic to many of those reasons. In particular I am supportive of efforts to restructure the laws to permit research into medical applications of marijuana and other drugs and to allow patients who can benefit from medical applications that are discovered to be treated under medical supervision.

I am also open to arguments advocating reforming laws related to the punishment for drug-possession related crimes.

That said, I am still firmly opposed to the legalization of recreational drugs.

In today’s zeitgeist I know that that is a very unpopular view, even among people who tend to agree with me on many other issues, but I believe it is correct.

I recently ran across an essay written by Theodore Dalrymple published in the Spring 1997 issue of the City Journal entitled “Don’t Legalize Drugs.” I’ve been a fan of the City Journal for years and have read a number of Dalrymple essays before. But this one was new to me. Even after nearly 20 years, his arguments against drug legalization are substantial, fairly comprehensive, and resonate with me.

#drugs #marijuana #law #politics #philosophy #libertarianism #conservative
In recent years it has become increasingly trendy to favor the legalization of recreational drugs. Proponents of drug legalization make some good arguments, citing both practical as well as increasingly popular libertarian philosophical reasons. I am certainly sympathetic to many of those reasons. In particular I am supportive of efforts to restructure the laws to permit research into medi
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Respecting drugs, I am not so much in favor of legalization, but in removing the federal laws because they violate the 10th amendment. I am not a fan of murder, rape, arson, etc. But I would still be opposed to a federal law against these things. Most states will keep marijuana illegal.

At least with prohibition, congress and the American public understood that it was outside the power of the federal government to simply pass a law making alcohol illegal. They needed to amend the constitution to give them the power, which they did. If we passed a similar amendment regarding marijuana, cocaine, and other drugs, it would be different.
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Jonathan Max Wilson

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" 'A lie is any communication given to another with the intent to deceive.'
A lie can be effectively communicated without words ever being spoken. Sometimes a nod of the head or silence can deceive. Recommending a questionable business investment, making a false entry in a ledger, devious use of flattery, or failure to divulge all pertinent facts are a few other ways to communicate the lie.
In all of our words and deeds we should ask ourselves, 'Is it right? Is it true?' not 'Is it expedient, satisfactory, convenient, or profitable?' Just, 'Is it right?' "

LDS Apostle Marvin J. Ashton, 1982

#lds #mormon #honesty #truth
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I agree with you. Thanks for the message. Etta
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Jonathan Max Wilson

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This is an interesting, interactive look at the longevity of popular songs based on aggregated Spotify play frequency. (Though the article title on the page is a bit presumptuous since the data presented appears to be from the 1950s onward, not "all time")

"Note the tracks that hardly charted on Billboard, in their day. Smells Like Teen Spirit, a track that never reached the Billboard Top 5 when it was released in 1992, is now the most-played song from the 90s."

"What's still popular from different periods in history is almost never the obvious choice. Accolades, Grammys, and cultural dominance mean nothing to future generations."

[Note that many of the visualizations are interactive, so you can explore the data, search, and listen to samples]

#music #popularity #longevity #spotify
I have a theory: No Diggity by Blackstreet is timeless. If Frank Sinatra is timeless in 2015, so too is No Diggity in 2050, fondly remembered by our children's children as the icon of the 90s. And I think that I can prove it.
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Jonathan Max Wilson

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Our society has developed a kind of obsession with what it labels “Authenticity.” The idea had already gained considerable mind-space in previous decades, but it seems that lately this idea of being “true to your authentic self” has become a kind of all-encompassing prime directive in our society.

Living authentically seems to be tied to a notion that you shouldn’t hide who you “really are” in order to conform to external norms or expectations. It seems tied closely to the notion that you shouldn’t pretend to be something that you are not. And it also seems intertwined with a fear of appearing hypocritical.

But somehow in the process of trying to not be hypocritical we have transformed authenticity into a justification for indulging our base appetites and weaknesses. Many seem to think that it is better to embrace our vices openly and unabashedly than to espouse an ideal and then unavoidably fall short.

#lds #mormon #beyourbestself #authenticity
Many years ago, when I was a newly-called volunteer missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, President Thomas S. Monson, who at the time was the 2nd counselor in the First Presidency of the church, came to speak to us in the Missionary Training Center in Provo Utah. In his sermon, he told us that he was going to share with us the key to being a good missionary. Accord
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Very well written, thanks for sharing your thoughts on this subject. Our society is headed down a dark path. When we so readily give up our moral stance on one issue (ie the definition of marriage) then where do you draw the line on the next issue. If we apply the same logic that has been used in the recent marriage debate to other issues then we should just legalize all sin and let everyone live as their own desires so dictate. As is obviously clear to intelligent thinkers; this will lead to total chaos and ultimately the collapse of our society as we know it. Unfortunately this is the direction we are headed in. 
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Here is a very helpful big-picture look at the stock market from the American Enterprise Institute. It takes a look at the stock market from 1914 to 2014 in constant 1914 dollars:

When currency devaluation is taken into account, the stock market has seen very little growth since 1998.

"Over the century the DJIA provided an average annual real total return of about 6.8%. A few years ago, in the wake of the great 21st century bust, there was much talk of the “new normal”—meaning single digit investment returns. We can see that this was not the new, but the old normal—or more simply, the normal."

These additional articles also help put things into perspective:

"From 1999 to now, the average compound growth in the real DJIA is a mere 0.3%."

So in terms of real value, things do not look as good as the numbers you read seem to indicate.

#stockmarket #inflation #recovery #money #value
Having reached an all-time high a few months ago, the Dow Jones Industrial Average went in free fall and dropped over 1,600 points in the last six trading days, before recovering a couple hundred points this morning — confirming the forecast of J. P. Morgan about the stock market: “It will fluctuate.” Over time, however, the stock market rises. How much does it rise? Consider a 100-year perspective.
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"I have been on the Council of the Twelve now for nearly thirty-eight years. In that time I have labored under six Presidents of the Church. I have sat in their meetings as vital decisions were made. I have listened to their discussions and seen the flow of inspiration as it came to these six Presidents--these six prophets, six revelators, six seers whom I have known and whom I have loved and in whom I have felt an hallowed presence over the years.

I testify to you, by personal experience, that I have seen the power of God work upon them. I know that we live in a day of revelation. I know these brethren are divinely appointed servants of the Lord. I know that they speak for God.

If we follow them, do we not thereby follow Him who called them?

But conversely if we raise our hands or our voices against them, or if we ignore them, do we not in that manner resist the divine being who commissioned them as his servants? Can anyone afford to do that?"

Apostle Mark E. Peterson, 1981

#lds #mormon #prophets #livingprophets
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Jonathan Max Wilson

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"Do not let yesterday hold tomorrow hostage! Walk away from your investment in the penny stock of pride; it never pays dividends."

Apostle Neal A. Maxwell, 1982

#lds #mormon #pride
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Jonathan Max Wilson

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Years ago I started to learn contact juggling. But I only learned some basics. I still have my acrylic ball. This video makes me want to try again. Cool stuff.
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Prayers for those whose homes have been destroyed by the wildfires in Lake County California.

A friend who lives there reports:

"Almost the entire town has burned at this point and the water system stopped functioning so they can't get water from the hydrants. Additionally, because the smoke is so dense, they can't run any water tankers to the fire. It is a complete disaster. This will easily go down as the biggest disaster to ever hit Lake County.

You can see NBC drive thru town at "
Firefighters in northern California were battling a fast-moving wildfire early Sunday that had razed buildings, forced thousands to flee, and sent four firefighters to hospital with second-degree burns
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I am a firm believer in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and I run a web portal for LDS blogs.  I also often write about Mormon related subjects on my own blog, Sixteen Small Stones.

As a conservative republican curmudgeon, I believe strongly that the U.S. Constitution should be interpreted through the natural rights philosophy of the Declaration of Independence and principles of limited government, liberty, responsibility, virtue, self-reliance, thrift, and self-control.

I was born and raised in the western United States. I have also lived in Santiago Chile and traveled in Puerto Rico, Italy, and Israel.
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