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Jonathan Lange
Make software that is a delight to use. Eliminate obstacles and junk. Understand how things connect. Learn from everyone.
Make software that is a delight to use. Eliminate obstacles and junk. Understand how things connect. Learn from everyone.

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How I became the butt of a tired, old joke, and accidentally implemented a crypto library:

What's the secret URL for the Hangouts page that shows a schedule of my meetings? The one that's used for VC units.

I thought it was, but that directs me to a new Hangouts experience.

Oh hey I was trying to get to Google Play Music but I typed instead. Cool place.

Yes, Hangouts, I know I was on a call with my manager. I was there. Why are you making me click buttons to acknowledge the fact?

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Never been much into Trek, and actually quite like military sci-fi (very much looking forward to The Expanse on TV), but non-military stuff is great too. 
[I]t is with restrained excitement that I welcome the news of a brand new Star Trek TV show coming in 2017. Trek belongs on TV and it’s been gone for more than a decade. But I’m scared because, let’s be honest, Star Trek hasn’t been itself for a long time.

What was once a wonderful, rich universe filled with stories about humanity exploring the stars, overcoming its baser nature and avoiding force has become a vehicle for weird, military themed action-adventure stories.

Very frothy brain this weekend, full of sound and fury.

- wrote a rant on Haskell documentation,, which is middling popular on reddit's /r/haskell.

- wrote up some problems with testtools.matchers in a desperate quest to try get my thoughts in some sort of sensible order.

- thought about how to make the excellent fixtures library useful for async Python code, which culminated in a "sketch" patch against Twisted (blocked by a bug in py2app, of all things), and another sketch for fixture itself

- did some extensive refactoring of some personal haskell code

All of these were cases where I've had ideas on the brain for a while and needed to get them out. I guess it's good that they are out, but it's felt as if some lesser, lizard part of me has been holding the reins. 

Signing off for a real rest.

Grateful to +Steven Thurgood for constantly asking "What's the user impact?", and caring about the answer. Is now a solid part of my toolkit for dealing with annoying problems.

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I'm looking for good, public resources on how to do post-mortems well. Any suggestions?
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