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I'm going to have to get a Galaxy Note.
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was curious about this device, thanks for posting the review. Wanted to recommend it to my busy 78 yr old dad who needs the tech but has huge hands and has problems typing on every smart phone never mind reading stuff.
I have a Galaxy Note, so I had trouble getting past the first minute and a half of this guy's initial reservations and had to give up.

The quick summary from my perspective:

- large screen is great for web browsing and for Kindle app
- it's a little too big to manipulate with one hand for text messages and phone calls, but worth the sacrifice for the large screen for reading
- the failed transmission rates in terms of my text messages (at the receiving end) is fairly high (I'd put it at around 5 percent); that might be problems with my carrier, but I suspect that it's actually the phone OS
- great, clean pics and videos
- still having trouble finding good calendars, memo apps, etc. -- I have some highly rated Android apps, and though I haven't given them a fair chance, they don't seem nearly as intuitive as the apps on my old iPhone.
I have a galaxy note and I love it!!
I remember when I got the Galaxy S at first I thought the 4" screen was huge. Almost 2 years later I think it's rather small and I can't wait to get something bigger.
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