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The Men Who Stare at Zygotes

This is just too much.  It makes you wonder if this is going to affect the Presidential race.  Least anyone think that the Akin rape thing is a one off verbal gaffe (even CNN is running a story about it not being isolated), most people should be aware that Paul Ryan co-sponsored HR 3.

HR 3 was one of the first bills of the new GOP controlled House which defined "forceable rape" in an attempt to distinguish it from a rape which doesn't involve force?  There appears to be some people in the GOP that believe either some women then choose to voluntarily have sex once they know it cannot be avoided, or that they secretly enjoy/wanted it, and somehow it's not "forced?"  This logic assumes that a woman's state of mind can somehow control whether she get's pregnant. 

I saw this clip from Maddow last night.  I thought she hit the ball out of the park, as usual.
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+Michael O'Reilly That's Akin's theory.  Or perhaps bad performance?  I'd love to know what science this guy has.  He's apparently on the Senate House Science Committee!
I misspoke, this dude is a sitting Representative on the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology, not the Senate's.  Although he is running for Senate now.  
Jesus, this place is crawling with creeps, many apparently crawling their way into political power.

Nice headline by the way, haha. Except I think you meant "stare".
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