A NJ campaign to be President with a fake traffic study

A $60,000 traffic study was technically money spent on a Presidential campaign.  This was not a real vendetta or retribution, this was future campaigning through a previous campaign & election and the plan was likely hatched during his Governor's race while looking ahead to a Presidential campaign against Hillary Clinton.

This is a Presidential campaign finance violation, technically.  Think about the potential return on investment, $60,000 of funding that you didn't even have to spend out of your own pocket, benefits you when getting home state endorsements because people would fear what a Christie President would do as real retribution. This is how you leverage a bully, you make people fear him if he wins (especially when you factor in the NSA).

I know why there was a vendetta against someone who didn't understand why he was being punished.  This was setup for the 2016 campaign run.  When other NJ majors were to have heard of what happened to the Fort Lee Mayor on the down low, this is then a threat to get people to eventually endorse him in NJ for 2016.  He especially wanted to engineer a lot of democratic endorsements in his home state for 2016.  He would have first wanted at least one democratic Major in NJ to be perceived as not endorsing him and suffering for it.  It means the funds spend on this study were actually part of a larger campaign plan to be President, and they never really wanted Fort Lee's Mayor to endorse because the bridge was a "perfect" way to make an example. 

The truth is that the Chris Christie campaign team for 2016 specifically did not want Fort Lee Mayor's endorsement because they needed someone to make an example of for 2016 threats, and the Fort Lee bridge was the best way to conduct this type of operation, leveraging the appointment of a Director for the Port Authority.  Other Majors that don't sit near bridges are not in as unique of a position to be made into examples of by abuses of authority.  If the Fort Lee Mayor had endorsed Christie for re-election, it would have actually ruined their plan. 

This is why you specifically want to find someone that was never really asked for an endorsement, but one that some would assume was asked and was punished.  It's a fake punishment.  And it's why the Fort Lee plan was discussed as late/early as August, it was part of a larger plan looking forward to Christie's plans to be President. 

If there was a potential vendetta or reason why Bridget Anne Kelly was motivated or directed to perpetrate a vendetta using a bridge closure, without the specific knowledge of the Mayor in question, it seems likely to me that the idea that Chris Christie works with "the other side" is a major element to his future campaign plans to be President. 

If it got out that a NJ Mayor suffered as a result of not supporting/endorsing Christie in New Jersey for Governor, then that would be good leverage to use later in the search for endorsements for 2016 in NJ, his home state which would be crucial for his main bipartisan support messaging.  

This would mean that this abuse of authority was to leverage his office for future campaign reasons and not for real retribution, which would violate campaign finance law, etc. since the $60,000 for the study is a campaign expense, technically.

The idea here is that they would have specifically wanted to find a Mayor that did not support him so that they could make an example of him in a harsh way, bridge traffic, that would intimidate non-endorsing home state officials in New Jersey during the 2016 campaign.  

I suspect that prior to Christie being re-elected, Bridget and others in the know joked about the connection between Bridget and "the bridge" as being a bridge to Chris' Presidency.  This is of special importance when you look at how Romney lacked support in his home state during the last election.  Christie's messaging is heavily dependent on his supposed "cooperation" with Democrats and bipartisan support, especially endorsements, in his home state.  He can't hope to win the primary without this materializing.  

The reason that a mother of four making $114k/year from the NJ state would take this risk is because she wanted a job in the +The White House.

If I was President +Barack Obama, I would be making sure this was thoroughly investigated by the FBI. 

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