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Please give us a way to sort assignments by when they were turned in or have a folder of assignments that were submitted late or resubmitted as currently there are no notifications of that happening. I tell students to add a private comment on their assignment to let me know but they don't always do this.

I am from Canada and want to buy an iPhone 7 that will work with Rogers in B.C. They are cheaper in the U.S. but I'm near the border so I can drive over and pick one up. The problem is there are no SIM-Free iPhones available right now.
Will there be?
Is there another way I could get one without being tied to a U.S. carrier (when I try to order one it requires my carrier account info)?
What are the drawbacks (ie. will I be able to bring a US bought iPhone into a Canadian Apple Store to be repaired or deal with warranty issues)?
Will it work on Rogers in Canada?

Any Canadians have experience?
Thanks for your help so that I can spend money ;)

I've been sending lots of feedback to the Google Classroom developers and the #1 request I have is for them to please allow us to sort assignments by student.

I can see lots of opportunity here namely conversations with parents and students about their work (click on student's name > see all his/her work on one page). Even better, it could act as a "portfolio" mode whereby you could showcase all of one student's work. To help with that maybe allow for students to post a public link to some of their curated assignments.

Who's with me?

Anyone know of a free or low cost (preferably web-based) app designed for laser cutting? I'm looking for something that allows kids to draw and export to dxf or another format for laser cutting without having to deal with removing extra lines and all the other stuff we have to deal with at the moment. Currently since we use Chromebooks, kids create their designs in the web-based SVG-Edit which I then collect and touch up in Inkscape and then export to a DXF and then we load it into Laserworks on a laptop that is connected to the laser cutter.


I was using Picasa just because I don't like importing my photos into a proprietary database file in Photos for Mac (bad things have happened before in the iPhoto days). Now that Picasa is not supported anymore I am thinking of switching. I know it's possible to avoid importing my photos into the database and just point the Photos app to the folder structure that is already there. Any drawbacks to this?

My workflow is: use "image capture app" to bring in all photos to my folders sorted by year and month then probably import those folders into Photos.

Picasa was great because it could constantly scan my disk for new photos in the folder I wanted it to watch. Photos doesn't seem to do that.

What about edits? When I delete or edit a photo will it actually edit the original file or leave it alone?


What is the best way to get people to post individual ideas and have them voted on with claps or applause? Is there a way to sort?

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I do a school podcast at and my set up includes an ATR2100 and a Blue Snowball hooked into my MacBook Air. On the Mac I record using Audio Hijack 3. In post, I put the recordings into Garageband and edit it together there. Sometimes I find that certain tracks I've recorded are just not loud enough so I then normalize the entire edited recording using Levelator. Unfortunately I have found that this results in some hissing and I don't have the expertise yet to figure out how to remove this.

I would much rather handle the levels while I'm doing the recording in Audio Hijack so I now add level meters into the workflow. What db levels should the recording on each track be at before I bring it into Garageband? Also, is there a way to add gain to the current version of Garageband? It seems to be missing for the most recent update.

In my most recent episode, the first recording had everyone nice and close to their mics. In the 2nd recording (because it was a larger group), everyone was further back which resulted in lower volume. I'm not sure how to sort this out.


I'm thinking of getting my Science 9 students to prepare demonstrations of chemical and physical changes by selecting household materials to put together. Each group would do a different demo and then each individual would write a reflection paper on it afterwards. This is in place of a lab that I usually set up for them - I thought it might be good for them to do the research and come up with the various chemical and physical changes instead. Anybody do this before?

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I'm new to podcasting and I've been hosting my the podcast for the school I work at ( on SoundCloud. I just realized that my free account has a limit which I'm about to reach! What are the alternatives? What happens if I change my RSS feed? Help!!!

Ok so now that I've used TAKEOUT to download my 199 files from Google Photos, I would like to get them into Picasa. Unfortunately after unzipping all the files, every photo is trapped in subfolders. Is there an easy way on my iMac to move all the image and video files from this horrendous mess into the Pictures folder (preferably in separate date folders)? I was hoping to use the "import" function in Picasa, but it requires me to click on each specific subfolder separately rather than importing all the photos and videos found within the root folder. I have 199 subfolders within 2 other folders so anything to save me time would be awesome! THANKS!
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