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Jonathan Kowalski

Moda Operandi is the global destination for luxury fashion, providing bespoke access, brand discovery, and unparalleled curation. At M'O you will have the unique opportunity to innovate, inspire others, and engage with fashion at the highest level.

Last Dec we raised 160MM

We just got a new CEO after our last one retired. He came from Tesla, where he was the Vice President in charge of developing the North America and EMEA markets.

We are expanding like crazy. So fast that I posted the job descriptions in an S3 bucket!

We are looking for engineering in NYC or those who are willing to relocate. We have all the benefits that are expected from a technology company.

If you are looking to build the next state of the art e-commerce discovery platform, then please send me an email

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...a celebration of women in tech:

Thanks for starting it all !!!!

with Ada.Text_IO; use Ada.Text_IO;
procedure MoAda is
Put_Line("Happy Ada Lovelace Day!");
end MoAda;


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udacity cake!
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Will cake really be served?

Thanks Dr. Thrun and the entire Udacity team for being SOOOO cool!
Udacity Cake
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How does one go about doing an 8903?

We hit 100!

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Any solid tech want to consider working here with me.

If N=NP then it is commonly known that all of NP is NPC. P includes NP therefore P=NPC.

For a problem M to be in NPC it must:
1) be in NP
2) every problem in NP must reduce to M

If P=NPC then every problem in NP can be reduced to every problem in P.

In essence every problem in NP can be reduced to every other problem in NP.

This implies that every problem in P would be able to be reduced to every other problem in P.

This is the definition of P-complete. Therefore P would be equal to P-complete.

From this logic it would follow:

if P=NP
then P = NP = NP-Complete

if P = NP-Complete
then by definition of NP-Complete all problems in P must be reducible to NP.

if all problems in P are reducible to P
then P = P-Complete

if P = P-Complete
then NC = P

if NC = P
then NC = P = P-Complete = NP = NP-Complete

It is illogical to consider NC = NP

In fact the whole computational model collapses eventually.
If we went down this rabbit hole we would say L = NP

Therefore by contradiction P ≠ NP
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Camera obscura
Animated Photo
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