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Jonathan Korman
interaction designer, Pagan hermeticist, soixante-huitard, flâneur, interested in almost everything
interaction designer, Pagan hermeticist, soixante-huitard, flâneur, interested in almost everything

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I am fascinated with Thomas Jefferson. I love him. He is my favorite of the Founders. The first reason is the Declaration of Independence , which kicks off with two hundred words explaining liberal democracy with bracing clarity, then embodies those liberal...

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Art & politics
At the time, I tweeted a kind word about Meryl Streep's speech referencing the (then forthcoming) Trump administration, though I had mixed feelings about it. (For instance, her opening assertion that the glamorous and successful Hollywood people in the room...

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So a while back I spat out this story on Facebook and now I'm posting it here. There's this skinny young guy I run into on an irregular basis in downtown SF in the late afternoon. He sells snacks out of a little box to commuters on their way out of their of...

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RPG toolbox
Because I am that kind of geek, I have constructed a sort of EDC solution for tabletop roleplaying games. For a long time, my only supply solution was a plastic case with dice and counters: But that was never really quite adequate, and I wanted to be better...

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Milo Yiannopoulos, the Alt Right, and free speech
If you have the good fortune to not know who Milo Yiannopoulos is, you have my envy ... and my apologies for ending your innocence. He is a gadfly critical of both the broad left and the mainstream right, notorious as a skillful troll , arguably the most vi...

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Yes, Virginia
Santa Claus is real. I'm serious. Okay, okay: I'm being flippant, too. But when I assert the reality of Santa Claus I'm not merely kidding around, engaging in some Francis P. Church fancy, or participating in the conspiracy of deceit toward small children. ...

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In the face of the forthcoming Trump administration, there is a lot of work to be done. Protecting people and necessary institutions who are vulnerable. Preparing to win Congressional and statehouse elections in 2018. Preparing to handle the worst if it com...

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Finger + Stylus
I have long been interested in gestural computer interfaces, and when I first saw this video a few years back it made a big impression on me. I just tracked it down again. This really makes me want an iPad that accepts stylus input and knows the difference ...

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On Chait on Stein
Okay, Jonathan Chait's article Jill Stein's Plan To Stop Trump By Electing Him is making the rounds all over my feed, so I guess I have to take a minute to talk about why it is terrible. There are a host of things that I think disqualify Jill Stein as a sta...

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The San Francisco tech boom crisis
photo of MUNI bus vs Google bus by defabulous There's a lot of talk out there about the changes that the city of San Francisco is going through during the current tech boom. A lot of it is blather, as satirized in Joe Garofoli and Peter Hartlaub's What Out ...
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