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Jonathan Killstring
Hi! Did we just become Great Friends?
Hi! Did we just become Great Friends?


Just a general #RPG thought: if I'm looking at an adventure, and there aren't any decision points, I wonder if this is the best use of the medium?

Like, I get a one-shot, "go here, have a fight, yaaaay" type-situation, but even in those, if there aren't any choices to make, I'm not sure why I wouldn't just grab something from TV, video games, comics, etc.

This is not to knock what other people do, mind. If people really like stuff, then more power to them! But I'd say even in a linear adventure story, choice points are kind of the thing our medium does, no?

I guess that's my thought here. I see RPGs - all games, really - as a series of interactions, with an element of choice in them. They don't have to be anything huge, really; but if the player doesn't have a decision to make, I feel like we're missing something.

So when I make something, I try to stuff those interactions into every corner. Sometimes to the future annoyance of GMs, I'm sure!

Just an explanation of where my approach lives. Not saying there's a right or wrong way, just musing on how to get the most out of the medium.

So, today is going to be a whole hell of a lot of Infinity writing for me; maybe help a brother get in the headspace?

What music do you associate with different parts of Infinity? Do you hear Meshuggah and think "yeah, Morats?" Does Rise Against conjure up USAriadnan freedom fighters? Or just something that gives you the overall vibe?

For my part, I've listened to a lot of Tycho and Kaki King (particularly The Neck is a Bridge to the Body) for my standard Infinity chill background music, just like I use to score informative scenes in my playtests. I've also really dug the Qemist's "Run You" for some Bakunin vibes lately.

What are your thoughts?

Hey, sorry I missed my Friday update.

The good news is, that instead of writing here, I've been busy writing adventures! And while yeah, that's plural, Strands stuff is definitely in there.

For me, it can often be a case of inertia. So writing a bunch of different adventures is actually pretty great for me, in terms of getting playtest adventures done.

Just wanted to check in, confirm that I'm still alive and all, and adventures are coming! :D

Promise that I'll get back to finishing up #RPGaDay2017, just had some other stuff come up.

My general hierarchy of stuff I'm writing:

1. Bill-paying freelance work
2. RPG freelance work
3. Bloggy stuff
4. My own RPGs (Gehenna, EGADS, etc.)

One could argue that some of these could switch (#s 3 and 4, to be specific), but I've always got room for two, and usually three of these. So, when 3 drops off, it's usually due to lots of #s 1 & 2, which is nice.

Anyway. Going to have a fair chunk of free time next week, I'll probably get back and knock it out then.


Friday! Update!

I have some stuff in lovely, half-completed format sitting around.

But I have a long weekend, and half a week with no one else in my house coming up, so hopefully this turns into something to actually get in your hands.

I'd like to thank everyone again for their patience as I try real hard at this "be a real adult who doesn't starve" thing. It's appreciated!

Also, consider this your last call for this batch of ideas, or to express opinions on the ideas put forward.

Be excellent to one another. :D

No blog or RPGaday updates today (or yesterday); had an exhausting day yesterday, and am kind of an emotional wreck.

Not looking to subtweet anyone or anything. But did stop myself just short of terminating one of my closest friendships over politics, and am currently feeling the weight of all that.

Apologies if I'm not super lively for a bit :/

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#RPGaday2017, Day 25: What is the best way to thank your GM?

I tend to think it's delivering game-related praise outside the context of the game itself, once they've had time to process. What do y'all think?

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#RPGaday2017, Day 25: What is the best way to thank your GM?

In which I basically echo +Rob Donoghue. Be nice outside the context of the game.

Friday update time!

Full disclosure: I haven't gotten very much done on Strands this week. The TL;DR on this is that I'm pretty new to Writer: the Actual Career, and my savings has been dwindling as I establish myself. Coming up on a self-imposed deadline, I managed to get some new clients.

This is great! And in the long (and even medium) term, means a less panicked & stressed Killstring, which means more and better writing on Strands.

This week though? It's meant focusing on making sure my new client loves me, so they keep me on-board. This seems to have worked, but it's been a little resource intensive.


I figure I'll go hard on this next week, so if people want to see something besides what's been suggested here so far, now's the time to chime in. Otherwise, I figure I'll polish up what's been posted here, and try to have some text for +Mike McConnell to evaluate by this time next week.

Thanks for your patience as I work on the whole "don't starve" thing!

On one hand, I didn't really sleep due to invasive nightmares last night.

On the other hand, they were entirely new nightmares, brought on by the present, instead of the past. This is kind of bad news for the state of the world, but kind of a nice thing for me.

It's been like, half a decade, haunted by the same freaking nightmares. Maybe more. So the change of pace is nice, I guess?

The "not waking up with blood in my mouth" was nicer, I'll admit, but this is still better than it was. :D
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