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Facebook is currently testing a way for users to pay to promote their posts at the top of friends’ News Feeds, a spokesperson confirms to us.

The test, which is limited to a small percentage of users including some in New Zealand, places a “highlight” button next to Like and comment on a user’s Facebook posts.
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I'm pretty sure I will never use that feature
i`m not a FB user much, so wont make much diff to my life, but many are and many will,
I think Facebook's initial success has been on being able to keep up with what your friends are up too, making it so commercial reduces it's value, having to sort through paid commercial posts to find what your friends are up too, that's a turn off to me. But then again I spend 10x more time on G+ so I am not a good person to make such a judgement.
They're just trying to justify the evaluation of the company to keep investors and soon to be stock holders interested. The sad thing is it's slowly dying and will become a flop in it's own way soon enough. Well maybe not soon enough, but eventually.
Really? If something is important enough for my friends to know I will just call them. I'm not going to pay for Facebook to tell them... this is ridiculous. It might serve some purpose for businesses but that is it!
Lame...if you need to pay so that your so called "Friends" can pay attention to your posts...then you definitely need to get new ones!
Next step would be: would you like to buy more friends?
So ... You pay to be seen / read?
Quite a redefinition for "Pay attention" to something... ;)
+Jason Death I hear FB is suffering because most people log on using mobile devices where there are fewer ads so they're losing money in that regard. So, bombarding us with ads on the desktop page might not be far-fetched... I rarely use FB anyway so they can do what they want.
I wouldn't know, I've never had a FB account, and only ended up on G+ because I lost a bet. Though the people I've talked to have kept me here past the month I had to.
If it works the way I think it does, the only way you would see commercial adds would be if you liked, subscribed, or added the page of a business, because facebook is an international phenomenon businesses in say Germany won't want to pay to post an add on the walls of people in say Venzuela who one don't apply to the client group they're trying to reach, and two for the majority don't speak the same language. Other than for commercial use, I don't think facebook users will use the highlight button very often unless to notify their friends of event at the last minute and/or to notify them of something significant, like an addition to their family.
+Madison Koch While I agree on the first part, the way people are, this will get used a lot more than people realize. Too many people think everything they have to say is important, and with their parents CC will pay to have everything seen.
So would this be the very definition of 'Paying Attention'?
If the ppl post are interesting ppl will see them if not the oh well! And to me that seems very desperate to get noticed.
why should they pay to have there stories on top, what if something important gets posted and we cant see it because its all the way at the bottom.
who has a 'like' button and is gay?
Huh, like i can bolster my ego by forcing my friends to read my post? Wtf!? Brands already have that feature so who wants to do that who isnt a brand. Not sure i get it. 
Like the IPO won't make them rich enough??
Well, although I cancelled my FB account many days ago; it's a pretty smart move on the side of FB. Obviously getting special news out on top for a fee is a fast money-maker. On the flip, most comments from friends, and family seem to get buried especially if you don't keep a STRICT audit on the friends, and circles.
Facebook is just getting more and more crappy, it's going to be MySpace all over again. 
As of yesterday afternoon, FB suddenly won't let me see its full pages, displaying a skeletal version as if my 2010-vintage MacBook is no better than an old Commodore!
+jonathan j sheppard Although I love tumblr very much, I know the difference between social media and a legit news site ;) and yes, duh.
I left FB a week ago, and although I miss the superficial connections I had with friends of friends of friends, I get more done now.
WOW! It's really not that important to me to let people know what I'm doin'...just sayin'.
That's what happens when you get a bit of success. That is why none of these money hungry companies have the right to question Google when it comes to practices and ethics.
Oh the vanity... I can just picture attention whores spending big bucks to have their whiny posts promoted. Now that's quality right there!
What else will they think of in order to rob people... Facebook should be boycotted...
I agree with you too. Facebook isn't always the best's good in some regards.
Google needs to step on top of FB and show the FB fans why it is just another pay site waiting to happen. Remember when everyone said you would have to pay to use it... well here it is... you wanna highlight? Tweet it
That is kind of true. Sometime FB will become a pay site. Google+ is better then FB and it won't be a pay site.
It could work. As long as the rich have important things to say. On second thought, it will fail horribly
ridiculous ! It's only time before FB goes the way of myspace then they will sell and use all the information they have collected on its users
I love the age of Big Brother
Money talks, I guess. Facebook has the tendency to tell you how you should communicate with your friends. They change their structure like I change my underwear resulting in people freaking out because they can't figure out how to navigate using the new site. They also have the tendency to share your info without warning you then you find out from your friends seeing stuff about you that you didn't really want to share. They should probably redirect their domain to with all of the stuff you find out about your friends that they they didn't agree to sharing on fb. I'm a Google person because they are professional with everything they do.
To play devils advocate a little bit, every company which provides a service must be able to make money somehow in order to stay in business. There are two major ways to do it advertising or subscription, I'm not terribly surprised facebook is trying to create another stream of revenue since many people pay as little attention to advertising as possible. I'm not saying I like it, I'm just saying as consumers of free goods we have to get used to some degree of something so facebook can make money.
That includes google+ as well. If they can't make money off us from turning our activity here into cash in their search engine game then they will find some other way to leverage all the eyes on google+
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