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Jonathan Hutson
Learning a little every day.
Learning a little every day.
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Merry Christmas everyone, it's been about a year but I wanted to drop in and say hello!

Leaving G+ for now. Not deleting my account just yet, dislike what I'm seeing though. See ya later.

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I have exercised The Demon.

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Norma Jean has become the band I always knew they would. It is amazing to listen to this album and think back over all the years. It's magic to remember the years and miles. These are some really cool people, I've had the pleasure to meet and talk with on several occasions.

Dear English language.

“All the power he had had had had no effect on the outcome of the situation."

Why would you allow this to exist?

I don't install many apps, that said, I absolutely hate the way they do permissions. Seems like every app requires every permission imaginable. It's absurd.

This has nothing to do with any of the 'scandal' about updates or whatever.

I've had my current phone for a long time now, looking to upgrade. I'm a Nexus kind of guy but like the tap to unlock/lock and the IR blaster on the G3. Any thoughts on benefits of Nexus 6 vs G3? I do prefer the stock experience of Nexus, don't care for CyanogenMod, but really like the IR blaster.

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