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All - my new food blog is up and is already generating tremendous buzz! If you love authentic world recipes of uncompromising flavor, check it out! :)

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+Robert Scoble just named me one of the most qualified candidates to run the #Apple PR dept. If you agree with his assessment, retweet, repost and spread the word! :)

Rest in peace, Jack Vance - I was honored to have met you before your passing. Thank you for all the wonder you brought to my life and the words you spoke to me not 2 weeks ago that I will never forget - "you're just like me." There was no greater honor to me in a lifetime of achievement than those 4 words. The last great master of the Golden Ages of Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Mystery has left us - but his words remain as immortal dreams to those who come after.

This may well be Jack's last photo.

This could be a watershed moment in human history - a practical warp drive to explore the stars might be at hand in our lifetime!

♨The name for my competition chili: "Vulcan's Forge"! An homage to my mythology studies as well as #StarTrek

Either way, it's a great name!

♨ I am planning to enter the State Championship chili cookoff for the International Chili Society in Irvine and possibly Salinas - FEAR ME!

♂☻ Here is my first submission for the NASA "Haiku to Mars" contest. Your votes would be appreciated.

Double feature movie night - Oblivion and Iron Man 3. Loved Oblivion, highly recommended! Thoroughly enjoyed Iron Man as well. :)

A stunning time-lapse video of the Earth - from SPACE!

❢ I predicted Apple would move away from Skeuomorphism and to a Metro-like UI ✺6 months ago✺ as part of my presentation at UI/UX event #Guru
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