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Discover & Develop your Child's Talent
Discover & Develop your Child's Talent

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This is the first motivational speech of a four part video by Michael Hyatt about getting yourself hopeful to making this year the year that you are going to make real goals to get you closer to your ideal that you wan to reach. Very inspiring. I like it because I also know this Christian speaker has not practiced doesn't advocate the art of gambling with his family in order to get where he is. This is also the kind of talk to which I like to expose my teenage sons. It's time to move beyond being nurtured to learning to take charge of one's future. 

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How your student can use Instagram for developing his talent. I think most of us are beyond the "bat-phone" experience, but there is still a lot more you can do with your phone for free to connect your child to his tribe.

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Does a family's identity, that thing you do together that makes you different from all the other families, have any meaning, any relevance to your child's education? In most cases, it does not. Whether your child was born in a family of musicians or in a family of carpenters or in a missionary family, it all seems irrelevant to helping your son or daughter finding their own way in life. It all seems like a wash. But that's because you can't see how it can play a dramatic role.

I give an example of how to leverage your family's identity to help create one for your son or daughter before they leave high-school.

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How to reconcile the need for challenge while still young, but making sure your son or daughter does not gets seriously hurt before they have had time to mature. I have my method revealed here.

How do you know when your son or daughter is ready to step up to the next level of responsibility?

How do you know when it is socially or physically safe enough?

What can you do as a parent to get them to the next level of independence?

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What I like in this example (which was designed for a commercial) is how the parents had created the space and time for their son's talent development WITHOUT destroying their family's harmony. They let the dryer take the beating, instead of their family life. That was very clever.

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I shared the latest update on my 16 year old son's 10,000 hour talent journey. Wow, we have come a long way. Sons #2, and #3, are coming up right behind on this path, but of course in a way that makes sense to their custom talent development plans. So many pieces came into play along the way and had we not started so early, it would be daunting to try to suddenly switch gears from traditional goals to these more entrepreneurial goals. 

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Today I read this devastating insight made by another man inside a closed discussion forum that I belong to.

This is what he basically said:

“because many mothers control the homeschool content, even in the latter years of the boys under their roof, they tend to choose activities that train their sons to become good household managers, involving lots of nurturing household chores. The moms see it as their goal to finally train up a young man to be the kind of household helpers that they wish their husbands were. Those moms seem to not at all be worried and oblivious to the fact that their sons are not being groomed to actually lead and provide financially for a family”

Do no let gender confusion creep into your decision making process for your son.

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in the second half of this video is where you see more of the BFA scenery that I remember. It shows the church by Storchenblick #blackforestacademy  

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Now that college plans for our children is not as important to us as they once were, I had ideas of my older boys doing something like CollegePlus while working on their college CLEP test and living in a little town like this where I grew up in southern France. I think that is still do-able if one were to just study for CLEPs, you could stay with friends in Europe while living the culture and studying. 
Saint-Rémy-de-Provence (13 - Bouches-du-Rhône)

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The sum total of Van Gogh's impact on the public mind in two short vine clips:
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