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Ive uploaded my timer system to github if anyone is interested. Instead of the timers calling a server in china they call a server in my study to decide if they should be on or off (based on either the clock time or sunset/sunrise times so far).

I'm a backend guy so if anyone wants to add a web frontend I'd be very happy!

Does anyone know how to best interact with the on/off button from the shell? I've got a script which polls a local webserver to decide if it should be on or off, do i just need to poll the relay and if it is on when the server says it shouldnt be assume the button was pressed?

anyone know where you can still buy these? DX is out of stock and ebay is $50 each (double DX cost)

Anyone have any ideas how to reflash the NAND if I've corrupted the boot partitions? how easy/hard would it be to put together a reflasher?

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This is my pretty-terrible bash script to turn one of my KK-SP3's into a automatic nightlight. Its hardcoded to download the days sunrise/sunset time and turn on 1 hour before sunset and off 1 hour after sunrise.

looks Like I've bricked mine trying to do a firmware upgrade with the 3.3 bin which was unpacked and then repacked :/ blue light is on but no wifi and reset button aint doing nothing :(

has anyone figured out how to safely flash updated rootfs?

Has anyone figured out how to write back to the nand partitions?
I've managed to get a copy of each mtdpart (via dd | nc), but trying to write back gives me "mtd write - rootfs
Could not open mtd device: rootfs
Can't open device for writing!" ?

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mmmmmm lunch!

+Gmail I havnt been able to log into gmail since thrusday! I'm getting "temporary error 200" with "numeric code: 56" in chrome and firefox. I'm also getting "internal error" on the android app....
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