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Jonathan Fisher
"Secretary of State and things that go bang."
"Secretary of State and things that go bang."

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Pretty amazing writing style, fire meets paper. 

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Fun User Story: I used Apache TomEE and CDI events to implement a lightweight and fast ESB. Endpoints were exposed using JAX-RS annotations and I used the Jersey client for delivery to downstream services.

The marketing director, impressed with the capabilities of the system, asked if he could be showered with confetti or have strobe lights go off when messages entered the bus.

This was a pretty easy accomplishment using a RaspberryPi, Java8, the WiringPi library, and of course TomEE. After a trip to Home Depot on drunken saturday night with my civil engineer buddy, we assembled a 7 foot air cannon. We used an electronically controlled sprinkler valve to release the air and a few relays and other supporting electronic components.

The Apache TomEE instance on the RaspberryPi was setup to connect to the ActiveMQ broken on our production system and listen on a messaging Topic. Anyway, enjoy the pix:
TomEE Powered AirCannon
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Is it possible to have Camel integrate with TomEE/ActiveMQ?

I'm looking to somehow write a bunch of camel routes in their Java DSL and somehow deploy them out to TomEE. They have a CDI connector that's pretty sweet. Essentially I'd be listing on a couple of RESTful endpoints, then do some processing and then call a few new RESTful services elsewhere on the web.

Advice? Thanks guys :)

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"Fire fellow soldiers, for God's sake, fire!" - John Buttrick

Happy April 19th! Im proud to be an American. I vote, own guns, drink beer, name my own kids, and talk bad about my government. #TrueFreedom

I got TomEE running on my RaspberryPi with JDK8. It starts in around 25-35 seconds and is quick enough to serve a few JEE6 projects we're working on.

It's kinda funny to think that I'm running a full stack JEE server off of a cell phone charger. 7 years ago, my previous employer was paying $100k+ to IBM for -WebSpew- WebSphere and it barely ran on some massive AIX boxen.

Pretty cool times we live in folks :)

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David, well said. :)

On a side note, If I come up with a list of interfaces and checked exceptions, can we remove them from the JEE API? :D

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I long predicted this would happen to the wireless industry! Finally, I can save up for a device I want, upgrade when I want, leave when I want. It's a brilliant plan: a wireless carrier should just be a wireless carrier and not try to  jam a billion 'value-added' services down my throat. Too bad it's T-Mobile... ugh.,0,6707508.story

G+ has an awesome desktop experience. Shame the mobile app for Android is so terrible beyond belief

Everyone do a traceroute to! May the force be with you lol
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