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With all three at hand (2012 and 2013 Nexus 7, plus the Nexus 9) - there is no question the Nexus 9 is the most powerful, but I still like the 2012 Nexus 7 the best, at least for overall comfort and mobility. 
Google says Nexus 7 pulled from Google Store, buy the Nexus 9 instead

We wanted to say something sooner, but we were waiting for Google to make it official - the Nexus 7 (2013) is effectively discontinued. Google wants you to buy the Nexus 9 instead. Do you think there is a 2015 model of the Nexus 7 in the pipeline?

By +Jonathan Feist
With Google confirming the change is to be permanent, you will no longer find the Nexus 7 in the Google Store. The 2013 version of the popular Android tablet has been effectively discontinued.
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Did you know our weekly newsletter is already a teenager? Of sorts. That's right, TabTimes Weekly is up to issue #14, ready for you to enjoy all your tablet related news, tips & tricks and more.

Remember to subscribe while you're over there, but only if you want to see the newsletter in your inbox each Sunday morning. 
TabTimes Weekly is a weekly curated publication full of interesting, relevant links about the tablet industry. Subscribe now and never miss an issue.
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Yes, I know this is not the most convenient way of installing apps on your Android device, but I promise you, when you need ADB Install, you'll be glad for a little walk-through. 

I know I needed this.
Android customization - install Android apps remotely using ADB from your PC

There is no easier way to install Android apps than from the Google Play Store, but if you've got an .apk file on your PC, ADB Install is a solid option for installing without transferring the file first. Where do you get your (safe and legal) .apk files?

By +Jonathan Feist 
As we finish up our look at ADB in our Android customization series, we want to end with an easy to follow guide on installing apps from your PC. Our previous pieces covered file transfers, screen recording and battery life management. There is little doubt that one of the best and easiest ways to install apps on your Android devices is through the Google Play Store on your PC. Simply hit the Install or Purchase button and the next time you pi...
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Here's the thing guys, this new song below is good, but there are even better songs on +Rebecca Perl​'s new album coming out.

Stay tuned, the new album, Point Of No Return, is due April 28th (I think.) It is a bit of a change in her music, reflecting the influences of a new city as well as the struggles and excitement of that move.

If you know me, you know I can relate to change with my recent move from Canada to the U.S. (it's been 2 years already, but it still feels new) - all that aside, I'm enjoying the new music, and I think some of you will too.
Have you heard my single "Love Love Love" yet? Listen to it below! If you reshare this post today, i'll send you a fun gift! Thanks all! Go ahead and follow me on Spotify too! #love
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As a seasoned Linux, Chromebook, Android and Google Docs user, it is hard to be overly excited for new Office apps. However, I think Microsoft is absolutely on the right track here, they may regain some of their former glory if they keep this up. 
Microsoft Office Preview apps released for Android tablets on Lollipop, and x86 systems

You'll have to request access, but the latest Microsoft Office Preview apps for Android and x86 tablets 10.1-inches and smaller really opens up the availability of Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Will you opt into this beta program?

By +Jonathan Feist 
Microsoft has a new Preview release of Office for Android, permissions required, that will run on your Android 5.0+ lollipop tablet, or your x86 tablet under 10.1-inches.
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Now if they port this package as Chrome apps or at least as port the Android version...
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You are in for a treat if you like the sound of +Joseph Hindy's voice, this is the episode where he goes off the rails, just a little bit, and in a completely controlled form, complaining about... well, I almost spoiled it there, you'll have to listen to find out.

+Joshua Vergara+Andrew Grush, Joe and I were joined by +Nirave Gondhia and a few minor technical difficulties. No worries, one day reliable internet will be a thing, and I'll totally be there to enjoy it, I hope.
Friday Debate podcast: Are flagship phones still worth paying a premium?
This week we welcome another guest to the podcast, writer Nirave Gondhia as we take on a topic that was picked by you, our fans. A poll posted on Google+ yielded our topic for this week - the question of whether flagship devices still make sense with a growing midrange market. Phones coming in a lower price point are gradually bringing high-end experiences, with perhaps just a few holes left in their evolution. So, we ponder the question of how m...
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That would be pretty sweet. I've already punched the idea upstairs, we'll see if they bite. 
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Look at that, +Joshua Vergara​, +Andrew Grush​, +Joseph Hindy​ and I are really getting into our groove on that there #FDP podcast. Especially when we get a little fired up about the pros and cons of Google's Project Fi cellular service.

Check it out and stay tuned for more half-baked thoughts and senseless ramblings about technology each and every week. Full thoughts too, sometimes.
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We were impressed as well, Friday! 
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If you are looking for a lazy read this Sunday, and also have an iPad Air 2 that you've been thinking of grabbing accessories for, we've put together a little list for you.

Go ahead, peruse the list today, sleep on it, then shop tomorrow. At least that's what I would do.
Best iPad Air 2 accessories

Looking for gear to get the most out of your iPad Air 2? Here is a list of some of the best accessories for the iPad Air 2. What is your favorite accessory for your iPad?

By +Jonathan Feist 
When it comes to the iPad Air 2, you may be inclined to stock up on fun accessories, here is our quick list of some of the best iPad Air 2 accessories.
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Remind me again why we can't get these phones in North America? (Easily.) Actually, don't remind me, just make it happen already.
Xiaomi Mi 4i official: 5-inch Full HD, Snapdragon 615 for just $200

The Xiaomi Mi 4i is a budget-minded, yet very compelling device coming first in India for the equivalent of around $200

By +Bogdan Petrovan 
Hugo Barra took the stage today in New Delhi to unveil Xiaomi’s newest weapon against mid-range competitors worldwide. The Xiaomi Mi 4i is a budget-minded, yet very compelling device coming first in India for the equivalent of around $200. Barra said that the Mi 4i is a device designed for the Indian market, though you can rest assured the phone will be well received when it hits other countries soon. As the name suggests, there are similariti...
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I will reserve most of my opinions until our Friday podcast over at Android Authority, but let me give you a little tease of what I have to say so far:

Such a let down. 

Perhaps that is my own fault for expecting too much? Google Fiber really showed up the industry for home internet (in my opinion,) maybe the wireless industry is just that screwed up in the U.S.?
Google's wireless service is official, dubbed Project Fi

Post by +Andrew Grush 
    Just as the Wall Street Journal predicted, Google has now launched its new wireless service, Project Fi. We’ve been hearing rumors about the new service and what features it might bring for a while now and, as it turns out, the rumor mill was pretty spot on about a lot of things. Project Fi is the first wireless service to seamlessly switch between Wi-Fi and LTE, always choosing the connection that’s currently the strongest. Two ...
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I hope it is just teething pains, I want this to work and am looking to sign up
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I think this is huge news. I mean, Samsung already builds chips for Apple and their own Exynos line, among others, with a SD SoC in their stables as well, are we handing them too much power over the next generation of mobile computing?

And, next time I'll try to make an even longer run-on sentence, scary to think that I write for a living. Enjoy!
Qualcomm to use Samsung to build Snapdragon 820 chip

Post by +Nirave Gondhia 
Qualcomm will reportedly use Samsung's foundries to build its next high-end Snapdragon 820 chipset according to a new report, which suggests that Samsung's 14-nanometer manufacturing process is the reason for the change from Qualcomm's past practices. Quoting sources familiar with Qualcomm's roadmap and Samsung's foundry operations, Re/code say that Qualcomm will choose Samsung over long-term partner Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co (TSMC...
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Please remind me of this when this ported Cortana becomes a skin over top of Google Now, pulling from Google instead of Microsoft. 

If only we could take the best of all three major players here and roll them into one. Maybe I'd use that 'personal assistant.'
Microsoft’s Cortana ported to Android, with some big limitations

Microsoft’s digital assistant, Cortana, has reportedly been ported over to Android by an Italian developer group.

By +Nirave Gondhia 
Microsoft’s digital assistant, Cortana, has reportedly been ported over to Android by an Italian hacker group. The group, who go by the name of OrangeSec, have reportedly tapped into Cortana’s servers to bring the service to Android, albeit with some large limitations. Firstly, their creation - which is called Portaña - is only available in Italian and secondly, it doesn’t boast the offline capabilities of the real Cortana. The latter especial...
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Smile and nod....
Technology user and administrator by day, tech writer by night, Android device in hand through it all. 

Feel free to check out some of my Android related ramblings over at  (+AndroidPenguinLife) and my Android love over at (+AndroidAuthority)

Staff Writer - Android Authority
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Cog - System Info Viewer

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Oh man, so good. Every bite was a flavor explosion, and we only filled up on the happy hour menu. I'll be back for sure, and may try the main menu, maybe. Try the BBQ pork!
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If you are interested in technology, be sure to call ahead so you can attend a live taping of one of the shows. Great people, fun place.
Public - 4 months ago
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The meat counter is one of the best I've ever experienced. Not only are the staff fun and friendly, but the selection of sausage and other ready-to-cook meats are superb. The store is a little unruly in the layout, but it's clean and makes sense once you get used to it.
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The View!!!
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12 reviews
Did not get to visit any of the buildings, buy walking around the campus was great. Much to see and a fun atmosphere.
Public - 4 months ago
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I'll go back, again and again. Food was great. Art is very fun. Place could use a spruce up and the staff some training, but very friendly, down to earth with the best of comfy breakfast foods in large, even huge, proportions.
Public - a year ago
reviewed a year ago