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OK - I know it is a bit gross.  But this is why I have been a bit slow on the draw (i.e., computer) recently.  Trigger finger surgery.  Fun.  
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Yikes!  Due to the new layout, this vertical image just commandeered my screen.  Holy Moley, hope you recover soon.
And I must say - in case you did not know - one's hand is VERY FUCKING SENSITIVE 
But after a few days of pain killers and some serious strange brain activity, the pain has mostly gone away ...
That's pretty cool looking. Suck about the pain and such Thankfully hands replace skin really fast, so as much as it hurts, I believe it should heal faster than the same kind of cut anywhere else. 

I recently got a tiny finger injury from snapping my left pointer in my SOG pliers, tore a few layers open. It healed pretty fast, but even the residual scab still hurts like hell to nudge. 

Do you have some awesome fantastical story made up to tell people about it if it scars? Pirates are always a good place to start. Or sharks.
I am working on the stories already.  My favorite is "fight with a professor over where to publish papers" but I also like "club hockey game" and "I wasn't paying attention at the zoo"
Sometimes one or two word answers are great. 

"Plane Crash"

"Fight Club"

Or something completely implausible;

"Tie-dying incident"
Oh true! Even tattoos don't last hardly any time there.

However You'll still have a few months before the evidence completely disappears.

I had a tiny cat scratch scar on my hand for two years. It was on the  side however, so the skin I don't think replaces as fast.
I had surgery on a thumb when I was about 4 after my parents noticed it was "locked". Only required 2 stitches. Mind you, hand was pretty small at that age.....
Ouch. Sorry to hear this, hope it heals fast.

What on earth did you say to michael to make him do this?
1 internet dollar says that the population frequency of antibiotic resistance genes should follow an exponential decay curve on your Eisenhand-ome, if all goes well. Speedy recovery, sir! 
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