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Jonathan Crossfield

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My NY resolution for 2016 was to get back to posting on my blog once a week, after it became increasingly neglected over the last year or so. Here's the first off the block, on brand storytelling and how to improve the focus of your content.
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Jonathan Crossfield

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Last year, I wrote an article that was highly critical of social media automation (or rather the overuse of it). On the other hand, Jeff Bullas has built a highly successful following and business that is totally reliant on social media automation. So what should two chaps do when they have a disagreement?

I invited Jeff to lunch. 
An influential social media marketer sees social media as a distribution channel first and a discussion mode a distant second. – Content Marketing Institute
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Jonathan Crossfield

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My presentation from yesterday's ATC conference in Sydney is now online. How story is actually the language of the brain and why marketers should think about how every brand communication fits into the story.
Storytelling isn't just one of many creative options in the marketing toolkit. It is an essential part of communication. If your content doesn't guide the story, the reader's brain will create its own — and it might not be the story you want. An exploration of how our brains really work, why story is the grammar of our minds and how you can get your message across more effectively by integrating storytelling techniques acroos everything you do.
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Jonathan Crossfield

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C'mon PR and Content Marketing. Put down the knives. Time to kiss and make up. 
PR experts and content marketers can achieve far more by putting aside their differences and finding more opportunities in the areas where both disciplines overlap.
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Jonathan Crossfield

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I had far too much fun cough 'researching' my latest column for CCO magazine. And now it's available online.

What do dead parrots, broken guitars and Vegemite have in common?
A social media attack can be a surreal experience, leaving you bewildered and frustrated. Here’s how to find the best punchlines. – Content Marketing Institute
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Jonathan Crossfield

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My latest column for Chief Content Officer magazine is now available online. As usual, I get my soapbox out to unleash some rage on certain sections of the marketing community...
Forget the carnival-barker lessons that BuzzFeed’s success offers. Here are five steps to gain real traction in social – Content Marketing Institute.
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Jonathan Crossfield

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My latest post for Cirrus Media Australia argues why it's Marketing's fault when the Sales team starts demanding things or - heaven forbid - starts producing their own content resources!
In many businesses, sales and marketing square off against each other like the Sharks and the Jets at a flick-knife convention. Both see themselves as top gang in a constant turf war over who does more to drive the company’s bottom line.
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Jonathan Crossfield

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“True experts recognise the limits of what they know and what they do not know. If they find themselves outside their circle of competence, they keep quiet or simply say ‘I don’t know’.”
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Storyteller, writer and content marketer, fighting a constant battle with Mr Pickles the cat for the keyboa^cdf9786afvno87uuuuuuuuuuu
The name's Crossfield. Jonathan Crossfield. Known widely online as Kimota! Content marketer, digital communications strategist and ruthless word wrangler. Some folk say I rant a lot, but someone's gotta put the rest of you straight!  

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