Note: If you're going to add yourself to the list please use the SHARE link at the bottom of this post and make it PUBLIC so more people will see it. Thank you.


I feel bad that I could not update my original list with all you lovely artists so I thought it would be great to start afresh and do this thing properly. So, for all you arty people out there I'm going to try and create a database of G+ artists, with your help.


To find out your G+ URL (the address that links to your G+ page), simply click on your name (top left of your stream, next to your profile picture) and copy the link from your address bar. It should look something like this (this is mine): The big number at the end is the important part, it's your unique Google+ ID. Make sure it is correct!

TIP: You may want to use to create a shorter, more relevant link to your G+ account, for example I used for mine. You could try and nab your real name if it hasn't already been taken! Please note: is not a Google product. Alternately, you could use a link shortening service like or .


I shamelessly stole this idea from +David Snuckel who created an incredible G+ Photographers database. Check that out below:
Photography Form:
Photography DB:


Update 1: I've been looking through the list (thank you to anyone who contributed), BUT is there really any point adding your info on there if you aren't sharing/posting or generally using Google plus? Please remember that if you aren't making your posts 'public' none of us will be able to see them.

Update 2: I'd really prefer to keep this list for VISUAL artists. If you are a Musician, or a Writer I can help you setup your own form/database if you'd like.

Update 3: Added some info regarding G+ URL links.

Update 4: Thank you everyone who has contributed and shared this post. Just a quick edit to say we've teamed up with +Daniel Treadwell, the guy behind the fantastic site. He's imported this list into his website and now everyone who submitted their info has been automatically featured under the section! It serves the same purpose, but looks tons better. Daniel is looking for feedback concerning the site and he'd love to hear what you think. Make sure you send him any feedback or feature requests.

Update 5: We've passed the 1000 sign-ups mark! Woo!


I hope that you have all gained many new followers and discovered many more inspirational artists as part of this list. Here's to many more in the future! Long live Google+!

Google+ Artists. Add yourself to the ultimate list of Artists using Google+ to share their work and interact! If you realise you have made a mistake, please resubmit a new form. I will edit out duplic...
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Great idea. I love the amount of artists that have got together on here in such a short space of time!

Edit: It seems to be working... I'm on there!
Freaking awesome. Get sharing this post guys!
Let's see how many people we can get on there. Gotta try and beat the photography guys, right? lol
haha, thanks +khurrum j Have you filled out the forum yet? Don't forget to share the post.
Need more people on there and I don't want to have to type them in myself xD
24 people have signed up, but only 12 shares. Come one guys, get into the community spirit.
If you're adding your name on there don't you want people to see it? lol
Thx for doing this!
Thank you once again! Sharing. :-)
Nice! Thanks +Jonathan Chandler for the time and effort you are putting into this. Fellow artists, you can use to create a shortened URL of your Google+ account for sharing instead of the unwieldy numbered link.
Will share again this eve, Jonathan (for those not on now)
+Gabriel Boray You're right, I was very tempted to keep it very straight forward. Like you said, If people have filled out their Google Profiles pages, all the links to websites etc would already be there.

BUT, I thought it would be handy to have a few extra cues in there just in case you were looking for a particular artist (you can track them down by their website name or Studio) OR a particular style (I for one love the concept art!) and also whether they are available for commissions OR finding people from the UK (which I was struggling to do yesterday).

So I guess every little helps, but if their G+ is all you need just stick to the first 2 rows! ^^
This is awesome! Thanks for putting it together.
I am so impressed! Thanks for putting this together :) ps...I tweeted it!
This is awesome! Filled out my info and shared it on my profile! :)
+P E Sharpe By all means, if you do not feel it is beneficial to you do not add your info.

If you look on the form the only required field is your Google profile page. Having said that, if you do not plan to fill out anything else there is little point in you bothering at all (I certainly wouldn't bother clicking your G+ link if there was no other info available, for example).

As I stated in the post, the current list can be viewed here:
It is a public spreadsheet hosted on Google Docs. Everyone can view it, but it is not editable to the public. Do not add anything to the form you do not want to be made public!

Thanks for looking =)
+P E Sharpe I could technically make the document editable to the public, but that would mean anyone and everyone would be able to edit any part of it, not just their own. I'm not sure I trust the internet that much.

Best practice:
-Only post what you want to be made public.
-Double check what you have written before submitting.

If you're really desperate to change what you have added, you can just post a new one or ask me nicely to edit it for you. I will try and keep an eye on it and delete duplicates.

Like you said earlier, the G+ link is the most important. You have full access to edit all your details there and can keep it up to date. Consider this list as a starting point, a foot in the door.
Added my stuff as well, cheers all.
Thanks Jonathan, great idea, even if you borrowed it. Thanks for spending the time.
Thanks :) I'm just taking my first baby-steps, here on Google + There aren't yet many people in my circles 2 share with :( So, I posted a link on facebook & twitter instead :)
So, now that I've added myself and then got the shortened linky thingy, how do I change it in the database? I tried to change it there but it doesn't allow for editing. Probably a good idea to avoid accidental problems.
Thanks for setting this up - you are an G+ SuperHero!
Cool, look forward to digging through the list to find some new art.
good idea :) thanks a lot
450+ additions now, but only 300 shares.
It's silly to be so selfish in this case - if you don't share it not as many people will see the list! Help yourself and others by sharing this post ;)
Done. Did you see my question about editing the url?
No, im sorry i missed it +Catherine Vibert. If you want to get my attention your best bet is to tag my name (I have email notifications turn on for that!) I will have a look at it for you. What was your row number and what is the new link address?
Have to run but will answer in a few hours. Thanks :-)
Thanks for putting it together, Jonathan! And I think it's heartwarming that it appears as an excel-style spreadsheet!
Jonathan, I absolutely LOVE this database! I am using it right now. It is BRILLIANT! Thank you so much! :-)
Fantastic idea..many thanks for taking the time to do this
Hi, I made a mistake and submitted too soon and thus has to create another listing, sorry about that. :/

Thanks for the list, going to share this post! :)
I respect the list and the idea of making a list, but I'm not going to make any of my posts public. That's not what I'm using Google+ for. I'm only sharing information with the people in my circles, and for me, this is the point of Google+. I want people to be able to respond to my posts within the circle that I choose to share my posts with. If I want something to be public I put it on my blog, or on Twitter, or on my Facebook art page.
(I shared again, too.) Jed- but what if someone is a fan of your work and they've circled you but you haven't circled them? They'll miss out on your art updates if you don't make them public. Luckily you circled me back, but if you hadn't I'd never get to see your G+ posts. Just a thought! (I'm not anti-circles, BTW, but for things like art updates you'd want those to go out to all your fans I'd think.)
But my art updates are on: Twitter, my blog, My Facebook pages both public and private, and there are also links to them on my website. That's plenty of opportunities to check out my work. I'm not using Google+ at the moment as a promotional tool. I've got plenty of other outlets to do that. I'm using it to communicate with a manageable number of people who share my interests and discipline.
That's cool... I can just see myself (and some others?) evolving to using G+ exclusively, which means such people could miss your art updates. People's art updates are my favorite part of following artists on social media. Especially here, where it posts art images right into the feed unlike Twitter where you have to click outbound, not knowing what you're landing on until you get there.
It's ok +Jed Alexander, it sounds like this list isn't for you.

A lot of people use the different social networks differently, I for one only use Facebook for people I've actually met. Twitter on the other hand is like shouting into the void: you might get a response but the vast majority arent really bothered about what you have to say. G+ is a nice combination of the two and that's why more and more people are consolidating their other networks and focusing on this.

This list is specifically made to benefit those artists who want to use G+ to share, promote, connect and contribute with other like minded people. If you are not sharing publicly there is little point in adding yourself (unless, of course to intend to follow everyone back so they can participate). But please feel free to share it so your friends who may find it of some use!
Done! But I think it's good to use a variety of social media. I'd rather not rely too much on any one service, since what google may choose to do with Google+ at any given time is anybody's guess. I'd rather not be so dependent that I don't have any other choices or any other place to go. Already I'm more hooked in than I want to be, with the whole Picasa business. that was my first indication that maybe Google+ wasn't going to be the best thing since sliced cheese. Suddenly every image I had ever posted on blogger was in a Picasa album, even though I had posted those images before there WAS a Picasa. I didn't create that album. I don't even want all that stuff in an album. But I have no choice. Get rid of the album, the images disappear from my blog. Everythings' all too integrated. I just want the stuff that I want. Just because I want one Google product doesn't mean I want all of them.
I've had to delete a few people who didn't provide functional G+ links. I corrected as many as I could, but if your not adding your full name it makes it much harder to track you down. Please make sure you follow my instructions and get the correct link.

Also, I'm tempted to go through the list and delete anyone who isn't actually using G+ (no posts). I find it quite repulsive to pimp yourself on this list without actually contributing anything. This is a 'Google+ Artists' list after all. Thoughts?
Arghhh! I misspelled my google+ url, rendering it useless. Made a second entry. Sorry, and thanks.
Jonathan, I am still plugging away through the list. I am @ #265. I agree with you. There are a few on the list that seem to be a name only. You go to their page and there is NOTHING. I don't get that(?) I also found a few so far that are "dud" links. Some people used a "about me" link and for those, when you click the link it goes to the clicker's (me) own profile. DUH. The other thing that amazes me about this list is the perception some people have of themselves. I am looking for artists. I go to some of these pages and don't see the ART part. LOL LOL To each his/her own. :-)
What kind of posts would you suggest? quick image links to what we're working on and the likes? (still getting used to G+ myself)
I'm also shamelessly stealing this idea. Thanks so much for sharing!
Jonathan - deleting people who don't actually use G+ is cool but wow, that's a lot of work. Thank you, on behalf of all of us, for the time you have kindly put into this for the benefit of all people. It's that kinda spirit that makes the internet so amazing.
Just at thought, but some folks, that would have been me 4 hours ago, would have just subscribed to google+, and jumped in. So maybe a few days grace on the non-posters? Some of us (I guess not me, since here I am) may be shy and want to lurk awhile before jumping in.
I hear you Ingrid, personally I'm going a little nutz because I have several pages in which I upload my stuff and I don't want to double upload, so its an effort of sorts
I'm here too, looking forward to get to know y'all, this is just what I thought should be done also for artists!! Thanks!
This seems like a great way for artists to share.
We are past the 700 mark now!
Not sure what percentage of that is actually active on G+ though. Get posting/sharing/commenting! ^^
This is awesome we are armies of creatives. Keep it in motion peeps
Thanks for putting this up - & I will be sharing as well.
Great idea, but where is the share link?
Thanks for including me... I may have made a goof... hopefully you'll catch it! Lots of sharing going on!
Shared the link... It's nice to find people to add to my artist circle... but I am only adding those who have an interesting stream... (like examples of their artwork)... open for me to see... so some of you may consider posting at least some items as public. Or not.... :-}

I will be posting some of my tiny drawings soon.....
Oops... I seemed to have sign up twice... sorry. I blame lack of sleep....
Learning how to use Google+ today, inspired by my friend Ronnie Tucker, such a good artist and so tech savvy too. Please feel free to add my to your circle. I paint every day, and right now I'm a self employed artist.
+Camilla Fallon Hi, the Share button (well it's actually a text link) is at the bottom of this post, along from the +1 and Comment buttons. If you share it publicly, it will appear on your page and in your followers streams.
This is excellent! Just added my name to the spreadsheet. Thanks so much!
Wow! How many of these artists lists are there on G+ Really enjoy seeing everybodys work.
How fun! Looking forward to diving into a whole new world of art.
Cool I looked all over didn't see an artist list so I made my own ! Then as I was posting my list I saw yours ! So I might be sending the new artists to your form ! ;-)
Ah yeah. It's hard to get the word out tbh, especially when only half the people adding themselves don't share it to help keep it going :(
Great - thanks lets all do a bang-up show sometime it will shake up the world
+Jonathan Chandler Really a great idea... from here i found out some of the most creative people for my G+ creative circle.
+Jonathan Chandler Thanks so much for this list.. still stumbling around G+, and this will help me find some great people!
Well it looks like things are pretty much rockin' along here. Thanks for the link Lois~!
I've started going through the list, checking links and removing people who aren't sharing anything publicly.
Not much point in being on a public list if you haven't got anything to see when someone takes the time to click on your entry...
Very cool list, thanks! I'm a sculptor of polymer clay ;)
Cool!!! Great idea!!! I'm a brazilian digital/traditional illustrator.
This is great! I'm new to this Google +, Looking forward to it!
Merry Christmas Jonathan!
I am a professional painter and graphic artist.
Thank you for your great effort. I just submitted the form to this database and am looking forward to see my colleges in Google+
I like the idea of sharing artwork, ideas and techniques with my fellow artists from around the globe. I think this is very worthwhile and thank you for putting it together! Sharing!
Shared! Plus I had to resubmit, because my other entry got submitted accidentally before I finished it
Thanks for making the list! As the list gets larger...  Is there a way to give the viewer sorting permissions? I would like to check it out by region, and maybe by medium,etc. I am not familiar to know if it is possible to give partial permissions.  THANKS!
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