Note: If you're going to add yourself to the list please use the SHARE link at the bottom of this post and make it PUBLIC so more people will see it. Thank you.


I feel bad that I could not update my original list with all you lovely artists so I thought it would be great to start afresh and do this thing properly. So, for all you arty people out there I'm going to try and create a database of G+ artists, with your help.


To find out your G+ URL (the address that links to your G+ page), simply click on your name (top left of your stream, next to your profile picture) and copy the link from your address bar. It should look something like this (this is mine): The big number at the end is the important part, it's your unique Google+ ID. Make sure it is correct!

TIP: You may want to use to create a shorter, more relevant link to your G+ account, for example I used for mine. You could try and nab your real name if it hasn't already been taken! Please note: is not a Google product. Alternately, you could use a link shortening service like or .


I shamelessly stole this idea from +David Snuckel who created an incredible G+ Photographers database. Check that out below:
Photography Form:
Photography DB:


Update 1: I've been looking through the list (thank you to anyone who contributed), BUT is there really any point adding your info on there if you aren't sharing/posting or generally using Google plus? Please remember that if you aren't making your posts 'public' none of us will be able to see them.

Update 2: I'd really prefer to keep this list for VISUAL artists. If you are a Musician, or a Writer I can help you setup your own form/database if you'd like.

Update 3: Added some info regarding G+ URL links.

Update 4: Thank you everyone who has contributed and shared this post. Just a quick edit to say we've teamed up with +Daniel Treadwell, the guy behind the fantastic site. He's imported this list into his website and now everyone who submitted their info has been automatically featured under the section! It serves the same purpose, but looks tons better. Daniel is looking for feedback concerning the site and he'd love to hear what you think. Make sure you send him any feedback or feature requests.

Update 5: We've passed the 1000 sign-ups mark! Woo!


I hope that you have all gained many new followers and discovered many more inspirational artists as part of this list. Here's to many more in the future! Long live Google+!

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