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Jonathan Cannon
Father, Biophysicist, Latter-day Saint, Reader, Teacher, Modern Dance Enthusiast
Father, Biophysicist, Latter-day Saint, Reader, Teacher, Modern Dance Enthusiast

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Why I don't hate "government"
Government: Restricter or Promoter of Liberty? Most often I hear arguments against government focusing on how government hobbles individual choices, like choices about how to do business or what to do with one's justly earned property. This is a focus on ne...

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Amazing Information from the National Academies Press
I recently received the email I'm copying, below, of the 20 most downloaded books in 2016 from the National Academies Press--all free. These are serious, complex, nuanced explorations of some of the best science that effects our families, work, school, and ...

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SURT notes 1.2.4 p.89
(The idea that time isn't real is an obstacle to understanding God. We try to associate the Aristotelean unmoved mover with the Newtonian observer outside space and time, and we end up with an absurd, omni-God.) Time is meaningless in a block universe, and ...

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SURT notes 1.2.3 p.75
What is Natural Philosophy? Here are some of its enduring characteristics . . . Its first hallmark is to take nature as its topic: not science but the world itself. . . . Science and natural philosophy have the same subject matter, but not the same powers a...

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SURT notes I.2.2 p.67
Once we free ourselves from the superstitions that prompt us to see the study of society and history as weak biology and biology as weak physics, we are free to recognize these analogies and to learn from them. Prejudice against other disciplines doesn't ma...

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1 Nephi 6:1-6
1-2 [Nephi on hammock] I, Nephi, am not going to write everything my father already wrote, because it's hard to make metal plates and hard to write on them. But it's important to know that we are descended from Joseph. [important Egyptian in front of pyrami...

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1 Nephi 5:11-22
11-13 [Diagram of table of contents: books of Moses, book of adam and eve, histories to Zedekiah, prophets to Jeremiah] The plates contained a version of books from the Old Testament (we didn't call it that), and some that you don't have in the Bible. They ...

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1 Nephi 5:1-10
1 [Lehi and Sariah in front of camp jumping for joy] While we were gone back to Jerusalem, our mother, Sariah, was very sad. When we got back to our camp in the wilderness, our parents were filled with joy. 2 [Sariah animatedly talking to Lehi, imagining de...

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1 Ne 4:33-38
33 [Naked Zoram running free on desert map] I promised him that if he came with us into the wilderness, he would be free like us, and not a servant. 34 [God over Nephi sitting on Zoram] I said that God told us to take the brass plates and run away, so shoul...

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1 Nephi 4:20-32
20 [Nephi and Zoram with keys] I went to find Laban's treasury, and I found his servant who had the keys. I imitated Lab[an's voice and said, "Take me to the treasury!" 21 [N & Z at treasury] He talked a lot and asked a lot of questions, but I fooled him an...
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