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We have a new idea for new user orientation - similar to welcome screens on a new app, we'd like to have a set welcome screen for new users to our SharePoint environment that gives tips and ideas for using our site.
Anyone done something similar or have ideas on best practices so it's ties to a user rather than a device?

We're needing a DAM (digital asset management) tool for our marketing department. Has anyone seen a good DAM implementation with SharePoint - without a lot of custom coding and/or third party connectors?

Is newsfeed dependent on mySites being active in SP2013? I'd like to add a newsfeed or social aspect to our team sites but since we've replaced mysite with Delve it seems we've lost that option.

Any ideas on how to create Skype for Business links similar to the skype: protocol for consumers? All the variations I've tried still launch Skype for consumers.

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LEGOs and trains. WOot! WOot!

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Mobile Notifications Are Broken. Here's How Google Plans To Fix Them

Oh my word. I thought SharePoint's WSIWYG editor was bad before ...

We're trying to use Reusable Content to create some custom navigation content for sub-sites and SharePoint is re-writing the source code and removing target="_self" and replacing it with target="_blank".
I've even added a Script Editor web part and put the HTML content in it with no luck.

Anyone else run into this or have a better solution?

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Bono talks El Salvador, Bullet the Blue Sky and liberation theology ...

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"Each team member has to be exposed directly to the users themselves. Teams that have dedicated user research professionals, who watch the users, then in turn, report the results through documents or videos, don’t deliver the same benefits. It’s from the direct exposure to the users that we see the improvements in the design."

#ux #ucd #design

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Something good ...

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