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Jonathan Bates

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The U.S. Army's Top Secret Arctic City Under the ice... in the 1950s! I know this sounds crazy, but at least this just-declassified megaproject didn't involve any insane risks to the entire planet like powering this place with nuclear power.

Oh, wait. They DID build several atomic reactors in the ice. But only because the cost of transporting diesel fuel would have been prohibitive. What could possibly have gone wrong?
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Jonathan Bates

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helicopter raid, Minneapolis, 8/18/2014 
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Jonathan Bates

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Jonathan Bates

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Jonathan Bates

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Jonathan Bates

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Have you wondered about Twitter's analytics platform but have been afraid to ask? Have online resources you've found on the subject been dense or undecipherable? Simply Measured has released an onl...
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Jonathan Bates

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Thank you... these are just pictures, and they are tiny steps toward true awareness in those who aren't among the 115 million of us who not only deal day and night with misery, but expend energy we don't always have to convince employers, family, friends and others that just because our disabilities are not visible doesn't make them any less real or life-threatening. 
It sucks, and I won't throw platitudes at you about hanging in there: adversity and discomfort require a target that can magnify and sustain the seeds they plant: the key is, how do we deny these intruders the chance to rob us of time, living and hope?
If I figure out anything close to an answer, you'll hear about it first.

I appreciate your outreach and honesty... keep in touch...
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Jonathan Bates

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An icon library with true transparency... 500+ icons in multiple styles
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Jonathan Bates

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I bought it, so my dearest virtual e-quaintances on G+ are lucky enough to get an entire full play of this track for free. once. then you're on your own. Check it:
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Jonathan Bates

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is a very pretty song... listen to the sample below:
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UX Strategy Consultant
Online product development, User Experience strategy, Functional UX prototyping (Axure/UXPin/Sketch/InVision), Enterprise apps & services, modular application development environments (MADE), identity & branding, Agile software development, User Behavior Dynamics, Big Data Visualization, real-time adaptive experience design, predictive analytics, Use-Pattern Adaptive Learning, product evaluation & enhancement studies, XML Data Unification Platforms, Crisis Response & Risk Mitigation Planning
  • jon bates design
    creative director + online developer, 2003 - present
  • CNET
    Design Director, 2000 - 2003
  • @Home Network
    Senior Producer, Multimedia, 1998 - 2000
  • CNET
    Director, Multimedia, 1996 - 1998
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jon bates, john bates, johnathan bates, johnathon bates, jonathon bates, jonothan bates, jonathan bates
I am a longtime online Brand + UX Design consultant who also works in the nonprofit sector
As a professional, I am a creative director, senior UI+UX designer, strategic product ideation specialist and content developer who builds dynamic online experiences, including those of several of the most recognizable brands in the world.

As a person, I'm best be described as: Curious. Dry-witted. Empathetic. Progressive. Politically engaged. A voracious reader. Aware. I stay informed and opinionated on matters of aesthetics, and aspire to find hidden wisdom studying elements of style, from grammatical to sartorial to visual and free.

I am of the mind that learning is the art of listening; to listen is to gain wisdom through the experiences of those you encounter. I truly love figuring out how things work, and seeing great things happen when the last thing said in the room is, 'Why not?'

My approach
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  

When I evaluate a client or their project before agreeing to an engagement, careful consideration of the immediate needs of the project are only the first step toward what constitutes success by my standards.

For a project to demonstrate excellence, it must not only seamlessly integrate with existing back-end systems and remain intuitive for legacy users to utilize. 

It is essential to keep an eye to the future: 
  • All aspects of the site must be extensible, so that the growth of the business is never hampered by the architecture of the online presence; business requirements must always shape the online product.

  • Third party technologies (social media, sharing tools, feeds) should be well-integrated, but in a way that allows what's popular today to be easily replaced by the inevitable new preferred platforms to come.

  • I relentlessly promote visual elegance and innovation in what I do, but never at the expense of limiting audience reach. Product architecture must ensure ubiquity across OS platforms, browsers (and browser releases), connected devices (smartphones, tablets, wearables, Internet appliances) and adopted standards (HTML, HTML5, and so on).

    If creating a cutting edge visual or product experience requires a plug-in, download or is restricted from use for a significant number of potential visitors, a simpler experience with greater reach will be my choice always.

Areas of expertise
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  

  HTML5, AIR, FLEX & Flash design + development 

  Strategic creative direction

  User experience design (UI/UX)

  Brand development + extensibility

What I provide to my clients
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

  Building products and designing content 
  across multiple platforms, mediums 
  legacy systems while utilizing best proven
  current technologies

  Mobile application development
  • Android
  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • HTML5, AIR, Flash, Flex for mobile apps
   Widget + portable content development

   Social media integration 

Facebook & Twitter corporate presence

I have over 15 yeas experience and success creating complex online products: 
  • building and managing development teams
  • creating and maintaining budgets
  • developing real-world project schedules and managing deadline compliance
  • managing day-to-day team leadership for multiple management levels
  • self-direction and demonstrated ability to develop creative into working products on small-scale efforts
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

Bragging rights
Fortune Magazine's "Internet Top 40 Under 40"
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Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
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Smells moldy... Hate to say it so harshly, but that's what I remember first and last about my single visit here.
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