Ah, great.  Time Warner Cable has #IPv6 turned on for residential, but  #timewarnerbusinessclass  not only doesn't have it enabled, they can't even be bothered to talk about it on their site.  The guy at the support call center I just talked to barely knew what I was talking about, and could provide absolutely no information about anything to do with IPv6, let alone scheduling or pricing (Are you seriously going to make me pay for a static prefix, TWBC?) or anything.

When I asked him if he was really telling me that Time Warner Residential had IPv6 but that I couldn't get it on my TWBC account, he offered to give me the phone number for Residential. Yeah, thanks, guy.

I can (barely, in October 2013) forgive not having the service, but I really can't forgive the complete lack of any mention of IPv6 on the TWBC site.

Right this minute, I'm strongly feeling that I'll be jumping to Google Fiber or AT&T when they get fiber deployment near me in Austin.

Shape up, Time Warner Business Cable.
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